Not Dumbledore!!!!

I just finished reading book 6 of the Harry Potter series finally.  Snape is a mutha fucka!!  


Before my really good friend and nail tech extraordinaire moved away, we had to take off the acrylics off my nails.  I just couldn’t afford it anymore after years of getting my nails done.  It’s too bad too because it is the only way my nails will grow, stay strong, not break and look incredible.
Little by little my nails are trying to grow and get healthy again.  I’m having to work on them every single week in order to keep them half way decent.  Maybe even sooner than that like every 4 to 5 days since they are more delicate and easily chip now.  What a pain in the ass.
I just painted them a fabulous color that I forgot I had.  Opal 04 by Elizabeth Arden.  I don’t even think they have the color anymore though I’m not sure.  I’m only assuming that since it’s an old bottle I got in some Christmas set some years ago.  The color looks exactly like an opal.  Exactly.  I tried to capture some pictures of it in the light, the pictures just don’t do it justice though. 
My left hand looks pretty darn good if I say so myself.  My right hand, is a different story.  Two of the nails look crappy from breaks a few weeks ago and still need to grow out more before looking half way decent.  Anyway, I thought the color was perfect for spring.

Fixing That Annoying Youtube Problem

Ever click on a Youtube video and you get that “We’re sorry, the video you requested is no longer available” message when you know damn good and well the video has not been removed?  What is that shizz all about anyway Youtube??
Sometimes if I hit refresh a few times it fixes itself.  But most times it doesn’t.
But…. I did find something that does work in fixing it.  All you have to do is go into the URL bar and type in &fmt=18 right after the existing URL and hit go or enter. 
Poof!  Video shows up.  I’ve only done it a few times so I have no idea if it works every single time or not.  But so far it’s working for me.

The Thought Process

The other night I was just laying on my bed and day dreaming a bit.  Just thinking about random stuff.  Before I knew it I was thinking about memories of when I was in the sixth grade and living in Darmstadt, Germany.  The friends I had, the building we lived in, how I walked home for lunch every day, how I got into some fights, how I remembered Marvin Gaye was killed and just other really random ass things. 
I have NO idea how I ended up there in those memories but I do that a lot.  You are thinking of one thing, then it leads to another, and another and another and then you are thinking of something so way out in left field than what you started with.  Kind of like when you surf the web and click on one hyperlink to the next.  You may have started out looking for a book on Amazon and then an hour or two later you end up on some site on different ways to cook peeps.  *shrugs shoulders*
Later that night my dreams were like that too.  First I dreamt I was at some party in a hotel room and men were trying to pick me up.  Then it flowed into me somewhere completely different talking on the phone to a girl I didn’t know.  Then I was on the phone with a guy I didn’t know who was trying to take me out on a date who had already stood me up previously.  Then it morphed into a classroom setting with another guy who did the same damn thing!  Tried to get me to go out with him when he had stood me up once before.  Then I was somewhere else where a woman was arguing with me.  Then it morphed into where I was driving somewhere in some strange country and got lost.  It went on to a few more scenarios before the phone woke me up.  I knew none of the people in any of these dreams.  Then I went back to sleep and had all these dreams about my old friends in Hawaii and partying and hanging out with them. 
Maybe what got me to those day dreaming thoughts all the way to Marvin Gaye was that earlier that evening I was watching American Idol and they were doing some of his songs.
Maybe my night dreams mean I’m tired of dating and losing people in my life. 
Maybe I really do crave some peeps.

No More Wasted Product or Money

Remember how I was whining about make up products (specifically lip colors or glosses) that have those stupid sponge wands?  Yeah, I have hated all products with that packaging.  I never feel like I get enough of the product on the sponge and I have to dip it over and over and over to get the damn stuff on my lips.  Not to mention the problem of never being able to scrape the sides of the tube or reach the very bottom when you still have plenty of product left.  It is seriously the MOST wasteful packaging ever in makeup and money down the drain.
I found a video tutorial on Youtube from a professional make up artist who shows you how to solve that problem.  Very easy without destroying the tube.  I have heard of the hot water method but that sounds so tedious and this method is better and you only have to do it once.  God bless the interwebs.

Best Bob Hope Line

Last week I was chatting with someone and talking about Bob Hope and I wanted to show them this clip that I remembered Vox had posted.  For the life of me I couldn’t find it while doing searches on her blog.  After viewing her stats, she re-posted it.  Vox… gotta love her!  Thanks chicky.

Idol Goes Motown

American Idol was pretty interesting tonight.  For one, they did Motown night which was just awesome.  What great music Motown is.  I wish we had that kind of thing today and yet we get Rap – ugh.  The contestants got to work with Smokey Robinson and can I just say, Smokey looks great for his age.  Wow.  Can’t wait to hear him sing tomorrow night on the show.
Here’s my low down on the contestants so far….
Matt Giraud – I thought he did really well tonight.  Good song choice and good performance.  This guy has a voice but I still think he holds back a little bit.  He could be doing even more.
Kris Allen – Man this guy is a little cutie!  Rawr!  He did a really good job tonight.  Great song choice and he sang it well and made it his own.  I could actually picture hearing it on the radio.  I just wish he would dress better.  He’s too cute to look like some sloppy teen and dress more his age.
Scott MacIntyre – I can’t help but love him because one, he’s a cutie, two he’s genuine and three he’s from here in Scottsdale, AZ.  The guy has some really, really great talent.  But I have to say the last few weeks he hasn’t been picking good songs to showcase himself.  His performances are falling flat because of that.  He might be in the bottom three tomorrow night.
Megan Joy – I just don’t dig her at all.  I never have.  She’s got a jazzy thing with her singing which is kind of cool but I still don’t like her.  I don’t like her singing, I don’t like how she keeps showing that ugly tattooed arm and her dance moves are atrocious.  The upside is that she is a very pretty girl.  Her performance tonight sucked pretty bad and the judges agreed.  She will most likely be in the bottom three tomorrow night.
Anoop Desai – I do like this dude’s voice very much.  I thought his performance was pretty good tonight and I thought the judges were being to picky with him frankly.  He picked a good song and sang it well. 
Michael Sarver – Like Megan, I don’t dig this guy at all and never have.  I don’t think his singing is all that great and he always picks the wrong songs.  I don’t even get a feel of what kind of recording artist he would be.  I don’t like the way he looks either.  For some reason his little “good ole hard working Texas boy” and “feel sorry for me because I’m away from my little girl” stories get on my nerves.  Like that week he looked into the camera all teary eyed and shizz about missing his little girl.  There are men and women in the Armed Forces who have been away from their kids for over a year.  And here is this dude, getting to be in Hollywood for some months to be on TV.  Suck it up and shut up already.  Blah.  I really hope he is in the bottom three tomorrow night and I think he might be.  I hope that he or Megan goes home.
Lil Rounds – I like her.  This girl has a voice.  She’s been picking so-so songs but I thought her performance tonight was pretty good.  Not her best but I think the judges were a little too picky with her as well tonight.  She has talent, she’ll be around.
Adam Lambert – He’s been a favorite of mine.  He’s cute, he’s hip, he’s different and the guy can really sing very, very well.  I can totally see him making it.  He’s the whole package.  Though last week he freaked me out.  I thought he totally ruined that Johnny Cash song and John himself was rolling in his grave.  Randy loved it but I had to agree with Simon in that it was hideous.  Oooo it was bad and surprising since all his other performances were so good.  But this week….. wow!  He blew me away with his version of Tracks of My Tears.  I loved he went for a different and classy look – he looked snazzy.  But the way he did the song was really original.  To me, it would have been the way that a Chris Isaak would have done it.  Very cool.
Danny Gokey – This is another favorite of mine.  He’s got an awesome voice.  I could easily see him making it.  I just hate the way he dresses and his song choices.  And shave that ugly go-tee off.  God I hate when men have those.
Allison Iraheta – This little girl can sang!  She’s only 16 years old and can blow me away with her voice.  She has a great rocker chick sound.  She did awesome tonight and if she keeps picking the right songs, she will go far.