Pick and Choose Your Battles

I have to say I’m really sick and tired of hearing about all the butt hurt (no pun indented) gays in California going on and on with their protests about gay marriage.  The people voted, get over it.  Pick and choose your battles peoples.  We are a democracy, the people voted, now move on to fight another day.  I like how they blame all the religious people for voting against it.  Um…. lots and lots of black people voted in this election – the most in history… so do the math people.  How come you are not harassing the black neighborhoods?  Mmmm hmmm.  Yeah, we all know why.
Hey, there are lots of voting results I loathe in my state, but I can’t really change what the majority of voters voted on can I?  Should those who voted against Obama be taking this to court?
I’m not saying you can’t have your right to disagree or be unhappy or want to change things but there are just more important battles right now.  Sorry.
People losing their homes, losing their jobs, losing their entire life savings and 401k’s.  The economy is in the toilet and we have people quibbling about marriage.

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