Some Good News Please

I tell ya, all this stuff going on is wearing me down.  I’m not only living it but can’t get away from it on the news, talk shows, twitter, blogs, etc. etc.  I mean enough is enough.  I even stopped watching the news for 4 weeks straight because I’m so worn out with it.
Yes we have all these problems in the country but da-yum give it a rest!  How are we supposed to get away from negativity if we keep breeding it over and over and over?  Negativity breeds Negativity.  What you speak about, you bring about.  I know I do my share of negativity too.  But this is just ridiculous with this constant bombardment of negativity and bad news and doom and gloom.
It has even burned me out on Twitter.  Twitter was fun and now I get sick of politics and bad news on it too.  How about telling me what you had for breakfast or what concert you are at for a change?  That’s how Twitter was in the beginning.. hence the “What are you doing?”  line in bold above the text box for you to write in.  If I want to read politics and news constantly, I’ll read your blog.
Rambo sent me this article and seems I’m not the only one in America a little tired of it

3 Responses to “Some Good News Please”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    Easy solution: Just follow me on Twitter and drop everyone else. 😀

    I can’t remember the last time I tweeted anything overtly political. Too boring, too depressing, too pointless.

  2. Nail Whore Says:

    hey you! Im working on getting my computer running. I cant access my e mail at so e mail me at xxxxxx.. I am missing you horribly! I still dont know WTF we have done. hopefully it will all fall into place soon. the girls star school tomorrow! sorry im doing this here i just dont have your e mail stored on my computer. its in MY e mail….. Im a dork i know…

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    that actually may not be a bad idea! I miss the flirting. 😉

    I just sent you an email. I also deleted your email address in the comments you left so that it stays private. I MISS you too girl!!!!! Tell the girls I said good luck on their first day… oh that reminds me of your letters. I’ll email those to you too.

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