Someone Loves Me!

I got the rest of my mystery package yesterday.  It was from my long time bloggin buds Cindy (AKA Grumpybunny) and Dennis!
I got some books and a CD and some hooks.  Though I probably won’t be able to use the hooks for a long time since I cant afford to buy the peg board for my garage.  lol  But I did love getting all these goodies from my wish list.  It made my day so thank you so much you guys.  You are both so very, very sweet people.  I really wish I had a job to get you a nice surprise too.  I can’t thank you enough.
It really means a lot to me.  Especially now at this moment in my life.  I needed it.

One Response to “Someone Loves Me!”

  1. GrumpyBunny Says:

    I’m glad you finally got it all! I was annoyed that they didn’t send everything at the same time. And I wasn’t sure how the gift thing would work – if you would know who it came from or what and I only elected to put a note on 2 of the items (those of course were sent later…).

    Glad to do it for such a great gal!

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