It Is Getting Sleazier

Trying to look for a job that is.  I’m noticing sooooooo many changes in the job market that are not even funny.  One thing that just floors me is the flat out lying about open positions these companies are doing.
There have been places that post a sign in their business say now hiring but they are really not.  They have now hiring signs posted on display but if you ask the manager, they say they don’t have positions at their location and try online.  You go online and there is maybe two positions like account or something and nothing else.
Also some of the job openings posted on the job searches I’ll apply to, I find out from another source that they don’t know why their company has that listed because they know for sure that there is no openings.  So I end up applying to a job that isn’t there. 
A friend of mine at their place of business told me they post for like 3 or 4 jobs but are only allowed to only fill one.  Direction that comes from their top management.
I have seen some of the same job postings listed over and over sometimes.  I’ll apply to it.  Then two months later that posting is up again and I apply again.. then nothing… then a month later, same posting again.  This is really weird because I know there is no way in hell they are getting turn over on that job.  No way in this economy when everyone is scared to lose their job once they have one.
Then I’ll see a news story either on the local news or a local news article that friends and family will send me with companies claiming “We are hiring!!!”  I’ll go to their job websites and nothing.  Seriously.  They will have a few jobs listed that I don’t qualify for like pharmacist, accountant or driving a fork lift.  That’s it.  So what the hell are all these jobs they are shouting about?
Then I attended a free online job webinar the other day and the guy said that sometimes companies will post for jobs that are not really there.  It’s a fake posting.  They do this just to get a ton of current resumes in their files for the future.  Or they are just “testing” the market and response.  This way they don’t have to pay a search firm or recruiter for those resumes.  Also then they don’t have to pay people like to search the resume data base.  He said so these resumes are just sitting in an inbox somewhere and people are not even looking at them. 
This is really lovely for the zillions of people who are out of work in bad times.  If you don’t have jobs then STOP saying you do.  Stop posting fake jobs.  Stop having now hiring signs if you are not.  You are wasting hours and hours of time and energy of the people who are unemployed.  Not to mention the increased frustration.

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