Harry Potter Continues For Me

My gal pal Barb would be so proud because I’m finally reading my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (book 6).  That’s right, I’m barely on book 6.  I’m behind only because I like to keep on the same timeline as the movies.  This one is coming out in the movie theatres I believe this summer so I thought I’d get cracking on this one.  Don’t ask me why I do it this way, I guess I just like to read the book right before the movie comes out so it’s fresh in my mind.
So yes, I still have to get to Book 7 – the last of the series.  I still refuse to buy the more expensive hardcover.  I cannot believe that woman still has not put that one out on paperback yet – it’s been forever since that book came out.  That’s ridiculous.  Total greed in my opinion.  Come on already, not all kids can afford the hardcover and aren’t you a zillionaire enough?  But I digress here.
Anyway, I’m still a kid at heart.  I do love these books.
Just as a side note here, Harry is considered “the chosen one” in this book.  I think the author has it wrong, I mean doesn’t she know that Obama is the chosen one?  I’m just saying…

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