My Irish Dinner Turned Out Yummy

I had never cooked corned beef and cabbage before but thought I’d give it a whirl this year.  I have to say it turned out pretty well.  I had searched lots of recipes for it online and couldn’t really decide on one.  I kind of took bits and pieces here and there and read many reviews.  Lots of the recipes said to use vinegar and brown sugar which just sounded icky to me to use vinegar.  Some said beer but I didn’t have any.  I just used a can of beef broth and water instead.
Here is basically what I did…
Placed corned beef in the crock-pot.  Mixed one can of beef broth with some water, the packet of spices that came with the meat and some minced up garlic and threw that on top.  I let that cook on high for four hours.  Then I cut some red potatoes in half and put them on the sides in the liquid along with quarters of an onion.  Then I let it cook on high another hour.  Then I quartered cabbage and put that in and let it cook another hour.  After a total of 6 hours, I took the meat out and wrapped in foil and let it “rest” for about 15 to 20 min.  I also removed the onions and potatoes at this time.  I let the cabbage finish out in the crock-pot during the rest period.
The only thing I would maybe do differently was put the onions in when I did the cabbage because they got a little too mushy for my taste.  I could have probably put the potatoes in a tad bit later too but they still turned out good.  But I’m glad I waited to put in the cabbage for just over the last hour – it turned out perfect.  I don’t like my veggies to be too mushy and being in the crock-pot for a long time can do that. 
All of it was yummy.  I’m full.

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