Dead Quiet

Early in the evening I could hear the normal stuff outside, cars going by, some music in the distance and even some annoying person in the neighborhood going up and down my street on something that made a lot of racket.  At one point I hear someone vacuuming or some such noise next door to me.  I guess they finally got that bank owned house auctioned off and someone was cleaning it.
Around 1am I went to bed and it was very quiet.  Very quiet.  Almost too quiet actually.  It was a bit surprising because it was Saturday night.  As I lay in bed I usually hear the occasional car go by, or the Luke AFB boys flying over, or a dog barking, or the train going by on Grand Ave off in the distance.  Even those sounds a house makes when it settles which mine has been doing now the last year.  Nothing.  Except my wind chimes outside.  It was weird because I didn’t even hear the trees moving from the wind.  Just the wind chimes themselves.
It was a bit odd.  I don’t think normally it would bother me because I do like quiet but for some reason last night it bothered me.

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