My Perfect Neutral

Lately I have been getting into make up again.  I’ve always worn make up but the last few years I have gotten kind of lazy with it.  I was just wearing just the basics like blush, lipstick, maybe a little powder.  Sometimes eye shadow.  Lately been doing a lot more with eye shadows and eyeliners again.
I always had a thing for finding the right lipstick colors though.  It’s always been hard to find the right colors for myself and I’m picky.  It never fails, I’ll find a color or product I love and it’s either a limited edition or they discontinue it!  Ugh! 
Anyway I found the perfect neutral lipstick and gloss for myself the other day and got the cheapy stuff at the drug store since I’m on a budget.  I got Rimmel lipstick – Paradise 50.  I like it because it’s a taupe with barely a bit of pinkish in it.  Not too dark, not too light and I like that it’s not to brown or too beige.  I also found the perfect color gloss to go over it.  It’s Milani crystal gloss for lips – Whisper 13.  It’s a flesh color with a dab of pink to it.  When I put it on over the lipstick it lightens it up just a touch.
The only thing I really hate about a lot of these lip glosses is that stupid wand with the sponge applicator on the end.  I hate them because you never get enough of the product on the end of it.  You have to constantly dip it over and over and then you can’t really scrape the sides of the tube with that thing.  I like the squeeze tubes better – unfortunately I couldn’t find the color I wanted in those.  Anyway, love the colors.

4 Responses to “My Perfect Neutral”

  1. GrumpyBunny Says:

    I know what you mean. I will have to try these! Thanks!

    The Perfect Mascara – I have been on the hunt for that lately. I really liked Bare Escentuals Big Tease, I think – the brush has two sides to it. One to put the goop on and one side to separate. But they are proud of their stuff = pricey.

    And have used and been basically happy with Maybelline’s great lash with the curved brush…but something was lacking.

    I recently discovered Stiletto (sp?) by Maybelline. I’m lovin’ that. My grocery store has sales every week on different makeup lines. Luckily this week’s it’s 40% OFF!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I hear you on the mascara too. I remember Estee Lauder had a really good one that I used some years ago. Of course I don’t use it anymore since those high end brands are so pricey. They have great quality eye shadows too.

    I always hear great stuff about the MAC brand, especially for their eyeshadows and make up brushes. But again…. price! Grrr.

    I haven’t tried the Stiletto. But I did hear a girl say on youtube that she was impressed with it and ususally she doesn’t care for the drugstore brands. She’s a big MAC user. So I guess you are not the only one who noticed it.

  3. GrumpyBunny Says:

    Found this super website: They have brushes – a whole set for less than $20. Reviews are pretty good. I’ve been thinking about trying them. Many reviewers compare them to MAC brushes…and they just introduced these brush “guards” – you can use them to help keep the shape of your brushes…

    I finally decided to order a few of their gel liners which have been getting RAVE reviews about how long-lasting they are. I will experiment with them this weekend. I also got their concealer palette. I’ve also been searching for a good concealer. Be experimenting with that this weekend too.

    They also have mineral makeup. And kits so you can make your own stuff – lip gloss and other make up kits.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    I’ve actually been recently checking out the brushes on ha! I did order the neutral eyeshadow kit but I ordered from ebay because people on Youtube said it was a bit cheaper. I have been eyeing that 120 kit too (also on ebay). I’ll blog about it once I get it and try it. Let me know how the liner and concealer go for you.

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