No More Wasted Product or Money

Remember how I was whining about make up products (specifically lip colors or glosses) that have those stupid sponge wands?  Yeah, I have hated all products with that packaging.  I never feel like I get enough of the product on the sponge and I have to dip it over and over and over to get the damn stuff on my lips.  Not to mention the problem of never being able to scrape the sides of the tube or reach the very bottom when you still have plenty of product left.  It is seriously the MOST wasteful packaging ever in makeup and money down the drain.
I found a video tutorial on Youtube from a professional make up artist who shows you how to solve that problem.  Very easy without destroying the tube.  I have heard of the hot water method but that sounds so tedious and this method is better and you only have to do it once.  God bless the interwebs.

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