The Thought Process

The other night I was just laying on my bed and day dreaming a bit.  Just thinking about random stuff.  Before I knew it I was thinking about memories of when I was in the sixth grade and living in Darmstadt, Germany.  The friends I had, the building we lived in, how I walked home for lunch every day, how I got into some fights, how I remembered Marvin Gaye was killed and just other really random ass things. 
I have NO idea how I ended up there in those memories but I do that a lot.  You are thinking of one thing, then it leads to another, and another and another and then you are thinking of something so way out in left field than what you started with.  Kind of like when you surf the web and click on one hyperlink to the next.  You may have started out looking for a book on Amazon and then an hour or two later you end up on some site on different ways to cook peeps.  *shrugs shoulders*
Later that night my dreams were like that too.  First I dreamt I was at some party in a hotel room and men were trying to pick me up.  Then it flowed into me somewhere completely different talking on the phone to a girl I didn’t know.  Then I was on the phone with a guy I didn’t know who was trying to take me out on a date who had already stood me up previously.  Then it morphed into a classroom setting with another guy who did the same damn thing!  Tried to get me to go out with him when he had stood me up once before.  Then I was somewhere else where a woman was arguing with me.  Then it morphed into where I was driving somewhere in some strange country and got lost.  It went on to a few more scenarios before the phone woke me up.  I knew none of the people in any of these dreams.  Then I went back to sleep and had all these dreams about my old friends in Hawaii and partying and hanging out with them. 
Maybe what got me to those day dreaming thoughts all the way to Marvin Gaye was that earlier that evening I was watching American Idol and they were doing some of his songs.
Maybe my night dreams mean I’m tired of dating and losing people in my life. 
Maybe I really do crave some peeps.

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