Before my really good friend and nail tech extraordinaire moved away, we had to take off the acrylics off my nails.  I just couldn’t afford it anymore after years of getting my nails done.  It’s too bad too because it is the only way my nails will grow, stay strong, not break and look incredible.
Little by little my nails are trying to grow and get healthy again.  I’m having to work on them every single week in order to keep them half way decent.  Maybe even sooner than that like every 4 to 5 days since they are more delicate and easily chip now.  What a pain in the ass.
I just painted them a fabulous color that I forgot I had.  Opal 04 by Elizabeth Arden.  I don’t even think they have the color anymore though I’m not sure.  I’m only assuming that since it’s an old bottle I got in some Christmas set some years ago.  The color looks exactly like an opal.  Exactly.  I tried to capture some pictures of it in the light, the pictures just don’t do it justice though. 
My left hand looks pretty darn good if I say so myself.  My right hand, is a different story.  Two of the nails look crappy from breaks a few weeks ago and still need to grow out more before looking half way decent.  Anyway, I thought the color was perfect for spring.

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