Do I Love Purple? U Betcha

So 3 to 4 days after doing my own nails, I have to do them again already since I don’t have the acrylic over them.  Wah!  They were already chipping and snagging. 
So…. I was looking through my nail polish collection and busted out some Sally Girl polishes I got a while back at Sally’s Beauty Supply store.  They are in these teeny tiny cute bottles and I think they were like 99 cents and get one free kind of a deal. 
At the time I was possessed on getting more wild colors because I normally don’t go for that kind of stuff on my nails.  Which is probably why they sat in my drawer for a long time and I never wore them.
So today I decided on a purple.  I love purple but I rarely wear it on my nails.  I usually go for a more conservative purple color if I do wear it.  So yeah… I was a risk taker today.  I figured what the hell, I’m having to change the colors often anyway.  
The colors in the top picture are:
U Betcha (the one I’m wearing)

One Response to “Do I Love Purple? U Betcha”

  1. justbarbi Says:

    Damn it thats my job! 😦 pretty color though. All Easter purple. I miss ya chickie…

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