Isn't Someone Missing Me?

I have to say I am loving the band Evanescence.  What great music and great style.  I love that the lead singer’s voice is so feminine yet strong and it sounds great against the combination of soft music and meaty rock.  The lyrics are also pretty powerful and I even like the videos.  Very pretty brunette for a change.  We have enough of those blondies – ugh.  I think I have a bit of a girl crush on her too.
Lately I have been loving these songs. 
Going Under (official video)
My Immortal (official video)
Good stuff.  I really need to get the CD’s.

One Response to “Isn't Someone Missing Me?”

  1. Vox Says:

    Have you tried yet? Seems right up your alley, set up your own radio station, make playlists – with comments on each song 🙂


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