Snopes Is Da Bomb

It’s always interesting to still see how people circulate a lot of false stories on email.  First off I hate getting those “pass it on” emails to begin with but every time I get the ones with a shocking so called story or facts, I always check first to see if its even real and then I usually send the results back to the sender with the link of the facts.
This week my parents fell for one and sent me this email about the new dollar coin not having “In God We Trust” on it.  False of course.  Though in all honesty, I believe those words will disappear off of our currency one of these days.  With all those people who have a cow that we say “under God” in our pledge of allegiance, I’m sure sooner or later “God” will be removed with everything.  *sighs*

One Response to “Snopes Is Da Bomb”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I’ve been using – snopes is run by liberals. Was able to find more info about Obama on the T/F site than snopes. Just so you know there’s an alternative out there.

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