Ahhh Done

I finished my 2nd interview and presentation for a Corporate Trainer position.  I feel it went really well, though the sucky part was their company blocks sites like Youtube so I couldn’t show my videos.  I even saved the videos on my PC and emailed them to the HR guy, no dice.  The company blocked those too.  Oh well, it still went very well I think.  Everyone I have met seems really nice and I seriously could do the job in my sleep with my experience.
The HR guy said it’s down to me and another candidate.  I have to say I’m scared shitless at that.  I never have had that feeling of nervousness before.  I guess because I have never been this desperate to have a job mean so much to me.  Even though it is still a step down then my last professional position.  It means life or death and so that’s why I’m just a nervous nelly right now.  I am so desperate.  I think at the very end, the HR guy read that in my face and body language too because he added, “Know that I have been saying nothing but positive things about you every time we have had an interaction to the training manager.”  I made damn sure to tell him that I really, really wanted the job and that I was his girl to do the job.  I know it’s not good to come across as desperate but, it is what it is. 
Oh well, it’s in their hands now.
On a side note, I think I was PMSing the other day when I had my little break down.  I swear, I RARELY get the emotional PMS symptoms but stress has really, really brought that symptom out in the last year.  My doctor told me high levels of stress make it worse and boy was he right.  At least I’m feeling better, got my interview done and have the day off. 

One Response to “Ahhh Done”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Dennis & I are praying for you, girl! This will be THE ONE!

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