Death and Taxes

I have a good friend that I used to work with at MCI back in the day and every year he has been doing my taxes for me.  He does it as a sort of side business for himself every tax season.  He would only charge me around 40 bucks and gets them done super duper fast like in a day or two.
Every year I claim zero and try to go with a very high percentage on state taxes.  This way I always get a refund and they have always been really, really nice juicy ones too.  Of course this year I didn’t hold down a job and had all my really low unemployment checks taxed.  I also cashed out some 401k’s too and so I figured I’d get a pretty lame return (or possibly no return). 
But to my surprise I’m getting $900 back from federal.  It’s small compared to what I normally get but frankly I’m still pleasantly surprised at the return.  I usually get a nice juicy one from state too but sadly I’m getting back $2.  Yeah, I was laughing at that.  They honestly probably won’t even bother sending me a check for that.
He is going to file my federal electronically for me this year and told me I may get my return as soon as two weeks and it will be direct deposited into my checking account.  Very nice.
What was even nicer was that my tax guy said I didn’t owe him anything for doing my taxes this year because of my situation.  What a hell of a guy!  That was so nice of him.

2 Responses to “Death and Taxes”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I wish we would just go to a flat tax. 10%. Everyone pays it. No writing off anything. And then have a national consumption tax. That way if I choose to save my money, I’m not penalized. But when the drug dealers and mafia buy their cars, clothes, homes, etc. WOO HOO, the US gets some big $$$$ that they would otherwise not see.

    And perhaps stop giving illegals refunds…good grief.

    We took a smaller loss on our side business and owed the feds almost $600. Colorado we get back a whopping $100 and since Dennis worked in NM for 2 months last year, we had to file with them too (weird tax forms, BTW) and we’re getting about $100 from them too. Such a monster pain.

    Dennis asked what I would like in way of reward. My response: to not have to do that again. I’ve been using TurboTax for the last 3 years. But this week I read that NOW the IRS is going to looking at them more closely because they feel they’re missing out on a bunch a money…I just hope we don’t get audited.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Ugh that bites Cindy. Hopefully you won’t have to do that again!

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