Corporate Trainer Job Update

The HR guy just called me and so glad he did because I was going to call him this afternoon to check on the status since my 2nd interview and presentation was a week ago from today.
He said that they still haven’t made a final decision and still working things out and that I’m still in the running.  He just wanted to keep me posted since it had been a week and wanted to me to know they haven’t forgotten about me and such. 
I have to say I’m very impressed and appreciative of that.  I really do respect recruiters who do follow up like this.  I know these professionals are very busy and even sometimes swamped.  But keeping the final candidates posted is a must in my book.  I can’t tell you how rude I think it is when you go to a 2nd/final interview and then they never call you back, email or snail mail you on any updates.  What’s even worse is when you were a final candidate and they don’t even inform you that you didn’t get the job.  Just ignore you and leave you hanging and then it forces you to chase these people down to find out the status.  That is one of the rudest things I have noticed in the job market lately.  Like I said, I know these people are very busy and they can’t always call back every single candidate who applies but at least contact your final 4 candidates.
So again, I’m very impressed and appreciative of this.  He said I should know in the next day or two what the outcome is.  So I still would like to ask for your prayers on this folks.  Extra hard and focused prayers.

5 Responses to “Corporate Trainer Job Update”

  1. EricB Says:

    This is good news!! Surely they will come to their senses and select you.

  2. Cindy Says:

    You got it, chica!

  3. justbarbi Says:

    Prayers going up for you! I hope this is it for you!!!!

  4. Lincoln Says:

    Haven’t commented for a while but know I always have a good thought for you jobwise. Go get em tiger! 😀

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks for your support everyone!

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