Sign Of The Times

The other day I happened to catch a small piece of news (I’m still not watching the news these days) and heard this story about a woman who got laid off.  They said she has been unemployed for about a year and so she put up a billboard using her savings that she had planned to buy a home with to advertise herself in hopes of landing a job.
I meant to post about this the other day but just got side tracked.
She was the director of sales and marketing for a company before she got laid off.
“I feel like I’m sending my resume online and it’s not even being looked at,” Stocking said. “It’s really frustrating when you’re trying to so hard and you’re not getting calls back.”
* side note:  I found this interesting because I honestly thought about calling one of the local news stations and maybe trying to get them to do a story on me and then it would spark some interest of potential employers.  Because during these times and what I have experienced I thought, what can I do to really stand out and be different above all the competition?  I was seriously considering this.
It’s obvious to me that I am not the only one who is experiencing this weirdness in these times.
I mean, she’s a professional, she’s in her late 30’s, she’s nice looking, she has experience.  But even better is she is thin and has an education so she’s got some extra things going for her should she land some interviews right? 
So why would she feel no one out there is reading her resume and no one is calling her back?  Why would she be out of work for a year?  I even heard on the news she is willing to relocate and even willing to take a lesser job as an assistant.
I have come to the conclusion that she’s just not trying hard enough.   She must not be networking to the fullest.  

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