Still Hurt

I’m still really upset and angry over Vox’s comments.  I can’t seem to let it go though I know I should and know that it is not worth the trouble.  Still.. All that picking apart piece by piece of my life, my physical features, my education or lack there of, my choices and so on.  Also all the judgmental assumptions of quite a few things she was wrong on that I had to set the record straight on.  It was not just rude, but cruel.  It was mean spirited.  It was totally unnecessary.  She went out of her way to stick it to me and then put judgment and assumptions all over the people I care about to boot.  A lot of that stuff was really out of line.  I did nothing to her.
I’m really upset and pissed off and also hurt at the same time. 
I don’t think she would like it if I had picked her apart and criticized her on her physical features, her education, her choices, her career, what she blogs about, what she tweets about on her blog or just in general period.  And worse start attacking her boyfriend and other loved ones.  No body is perfect, and that includes her too.  She has some faults I could judge go on about too.

3 Responses to “Still Hurt”

  1. EricB Says:

    Sounds like you’re better off without her anyway….but hey I wouldn’t want to be the cause of all your negativity again!!

  2. justbarbi Says:

    CCS hun…. some have it, some dont… i love ya girl! Im really surprised you didnt get an apology yet. I thought atleast she would have had enough class to say she was sorry. Guess not.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Barbi – I’m not surprised. I don’t really expect an apology. I’m sure she thinks she was right in what she said. She has made up her mind to see me and my loved ones in a certain light right now and nothing will change that point of view nor does she care to.

    Dangerzone – Yes I have come to that conclusion myself. I actually feel better with just getting my feelings off of my chest and ready to move on. I laugh when I think of you being the cause of my negativity. I did that myself with just the experience wearing on me. Only you and I know all of our conversations and how positive they truly are.

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