Will It Get Easier?

I cannot believe how incredibly tired I am from this job.  My feet are killing me, my hands chewed up and back aching.  I feel so dead.  I barely have enough energy to come home and make dinner.  I kid you not.
A guy from my dating site has been talking with me on the phone and he called tonight wanting to go meet for a drink or coffee and I literally cannot.  Not to mention I’m more of a planner anyway and would rather set a date and not just have someone call and say meet me tonight.
I’m too tired to date and too tired to do laundry or anything.  I feel like I’m killing myself for the same pay as unemployment and yet don’t have the energy and focus to job hunt when I get home.  This is a catch 22 where I am gaining nothing.  I can’t live off of this money, even if I were full time.  At least on unemployment I have time and energy to go to the networking meetings and job hunt.

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