In The Closet and Living In Fuzz

My cat Lola has a thing for closets, cupboards and drawers.  She always has to go inside and poke around, discover things and then attempts to nest in them.  I really don’t like her getting into these things because she likes to dig at stuff with her paws, pulling things out of order so she can make a nest to lie in.  Sometimes I treat her and let her do it but most of the time she just makes a mess so I don’t let her.
I swear, she could be sleeping in another room but as soon as she hears me put my hand on a door knob to a closet, she comes running and is right there waiting.  See picture below.  Sometimes when I’m at my computer in my office, she sits in front of the closet door meowing and scratching at the door, begging me to let her go in and explore and make a mess.  What a goober.  Just ask Barb about her purse.
As pretty as Lola is one thing I will never do is get a long haired cat again.  The shedding is beyond regular short cat hair shedding.  It’s not even the long hair strands that are bad, it’s the little fuzzies that float in the air that is bad.  Yes fuzzies.  I can’t explain it.  She has really soft fuzzy fur that seems to mix in with the long hair.  It’s EVERYWHERE in my house.  And it sticks to every thing like crazy.  And it floats in the air.  Ugh.  You should see my air conditioner vent when I go to clean it.  I never had that with my previous short hair cats.  You can rub your hand on my area rug and it creates balled up fuzzy fur like lint balls. 
What’s really bad is the teeny tiny fuzzies that float.  I’m finding it on my mascara wand and lip gloss wands when I’m putting on my make up.  It’s just really bad right now since it’s spring and full on shedding season for animals.  I seriously need to brush her again already.  I have to take her outside and do it because that fur is a mess when it comes off and just sticks to everything and floats.
I would take her to get shaved as some long hair cat owners do this in the summer but she does not like handlers at all.  This is one cat that does not like vets or groomers or anyone like that.  People she likes but professionals, she has cow with.  She must have been hurt or abused by a professional at one time before I adopted her.  It’s a shame too because one of my friends does this with her long hair cat in the summer and she says he loves it and stays nice and cool, not to mention it cuts way down on the shedding.
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4 Responses to “In The Closet and Living In Fuzz”

  1. EricB Says:

    How dare you think you should have luxuries like a cat!!!

  2. justbarbi Says:

    LOLA!!!!!! I miss you kitty!

  3. Cindy Says:

    Pets – what would we do without them?!

    My puppy Snickers (min schnauzer – about 18mos) LOVES to see what you’re doing. Even when I’m on the computer at home. She wants to sit on my lap and look at the screen and the keyboard to see what I’m doing.

    She likes to grab stuff – namely slippers, shoes or sox and run around with them. She hasn’t actually destroyed anything. Yet. But I’ve been trying to turn it into something positive. She won’t grab BOTH slippers – just one at a time. So I tell her to take it to Dennis (his slipper) and she’ll go find him. Then I tell her to find the other one and take it to him. Then reward her. That way her retrievel is associated with a treat and she knows where to take them. Still a work in progress.

    I think if she could talk and have opposible thumbs there’d be no stopping her.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Sounds like you have a goober too! That is too funny about bringing the slippers! I love it.

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