Makeup Overhaul and New Products

I decided to clean out my makeup and start over with some new stuff.  Just getting rid of stuff I never or rarely use or stuff that is just old.  Actually most of it is indeed old because makeup seems to last forever with me so I hardly ever need to buy it.  Even though I wear makeup, I haven’t been doing it up like I used to, but recently started getting more into it again. 
I really haven’t treated myself with anything in a really, really long time.  I’ve only bought food and the 2 shirts I needed for the job so I felt I really wanted to treat myself and I did a mini and affordable spurge. 
Once I’m working a proper job again, I’d like to make myself a nice vanity area in my room where I can store, organize and put on my makeup.  Doing it over the bathroom sink really is a pain and always has been.  I’d like to be sitting down, using a good close up mirror, good lighting and room to move and store everything.  But that will have to wait for now.
I purchased 2 brush sets, 2 big eye shadow pallets, some NYX products, and a couple of miscellaneous items.  I’ll only review the brush sets in this post and review the other stuff in a few different posts so this one isn’t 10 pages long.
I have never ever had a decent set and always just had the really cheap crappy ones as a poor substitute and really needed some nice ones.  No I didn’t get the overpriced MAC ones.  Even though lots of people swear they are best brushes around (and I’m sure they are), the cost of those are ridiculous.  There are some pretty good comparables out there.  I even considered the Coastal Scents brushes since they have some MAC comparables at a much lower price, but it’s still adds up having to buy individual brushes.  Instead I ordered mine from some eBay sellers in China.  They are really decent and quality brushes at a very low cost.  Especially for how many you get in the sets.
One set is a 28 black handled Pupa set.  Some makeup Youtubers gave them good reviews.  So far, I’m loving this set.  When I washed them, there was a little shedding which most big or fuller brushes do when you first get them and a bit of black dye coming out in the wash which is also not uncommon with synthetic brushes.  Usually both of those things stop after a wash or two.  I got tons of eye brushes in this set.  They pick up and put on shadows awesomely!  (is that a word?)  I haven’t used every brush in this set yet, as I just got them but I’m loving them so far. 
I also got a 18 piece set.  It’s not any particular brand but they had light purple handles and I couldn’t resist.  The seller even threw in two shimmer powder eye shadows.  I washed the brushes and started using them.  Not bad at all.  Very, very, very soft!!!  Like a baby’s ass.  When I washed them there was NO shedding or dye coming out which surprised me because even really good quality brushes (like MAC) shed when you first wash them.  I won’t use these brushes for eye makeup though.  I love the fan brush and the blush contour brush in this set.  The smaller brushes I’ll use for concealer, eye primers or creamy stuff as they are too flat to be used effectively for powder eye shadows.  So having both sets really worked out.
I won’t list every single brush or it’s function but with the two sets combined I got lots and lots of eye brushes, blush, contouring, powder, angle, brows, eyelashes, lip, eyeliner, smudgers, fans, foundation and so on.  Both sets came in nice fold up brush holders but I probably won’t use those.
*Tip:  You should always wash brand new makeup brushes when you get them (as well as on a regular basis) with a gentle shampoo and water.  Factories usually spray them with something so you don’t want those chemicals on your face.  Plus it helps to just get any excess dyes or shedding done.  When drying them, lay them on their sides, NOT standing up with bristles up.  Otherwise the moisture will seep down into the handle, loosen the glue and ruin them.  It’s good to have a brush cleaner too to do some spot cleaning in between applications.  There are recipes to make your own to save money – just google or youtube it.

**UPDATE:  One thing I forgot to mention was that I was very tempted to order a whole set from the company Sigma.  The lady of this company has created the most comparable brushes to MAC and for a lot less.  These have been getting really, really positive reviews from many makeup gurus.  People are really raving about them and they have been selling out.  Looks like they just re-stocked again.  I didn’t order the set because with my minimum wage job I still can’t afford it.  However I did order one brush and that was the SS187 comparable to the MAC 187.  I really wanted a good dup for this really expensive brush.  It’s $8 at Coastal Scents, $16 at Sigma and a whopping $42 at MAC.  I would have ordered the CS one but a lot of people are complaining at how much shedding they get with it.  Other dups have also gotten flop reviews.  Some people have even said that they are liking the Sigma one better than their MAC one.  I have always been a big believer of going for the middle cost of products a lot of the time.  So…. got this foundation stippler brush at Sigma.  I have not gotten it yet but I’ll let you know how I like it after I use it.


2 Responses to “Makeup Overhaul and New Products”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Wow girl, that is ALOT of brushes. I wear bare minerals and I have two of each one of their brushes. I wash them once a month and rotate between washings. I haven’t had to replace any for a few years now. If you are just getting back into makeup like you said I suggest bare minerals. I love everything of theirs except the mascara and eyeliner.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I know right? lol That’s why it was such a good deal. Inexpensive and a LOT of brushes for the buck. Plus I wanted a lot of good brushes to choose from to see which ones I like for different things.

    I’ve heard good things about Bare Minerals but after this latest purchase of make up, I probably won’t be buying any for a long time now till I get a proper job again.

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