Behind On Idol Chatter

Even though tonight Anoop and Lil went home I still wanted to give my two cents on tonight and last night’s shows.
Lil – This girl does have a voice and she is soooo pretty.  Who ever was styling her each week did a good job (though I wasn’t crazy about this weeks cat suit she wore).  Yes, she wasn’t my favorite but for some reason I felt like all the judges have been extra hard on her.  They were never happy with anything she did.  Nothing.  All four were always negative with her.  I do admit she did nothing but a bunch of copy catting of songs and nothing too original.   But damn those judges were too harsh on her.  I knew pretty much she was done this week before Simon said it.
Adam – Some of the songs I think he nails and some I just don’t like.  This week he took one of my all time favorite disco songs and changed it up.  Of course I give him snaps for really interpreting the song and making it his own and his vocals were very good.  But I didn’t like the version of the song itself.  Just didn’t like it.  I’d be peeved if I heard that version on the radio.
Allison – I really like this girl.  She just has raw singing talent.  She rocked out Hot Stuff.  Did a good job of it but like Adam’s performance, didn’t dig that version too much.  And on a side note I was a little surprised to see her in the bottom 3 this week.
Anoop – I think the guy has a good voice.  I thought Simon’s comments were overboard on him this week.  I like Anoop but he’s kind of like parsley.  Take it off the plate and no one really notices it’s gone.
Danny – I do like this guy.  I think he’s got a great soul singer voice.  I just really have not dug his song choices.  He needs to pick better songs to showcase his voice better.  I think this guy could really, really blow it out if he wanted to.  I think his wardrobe needs to improve as well.
Kris – I think he’s cute.  He’s not a bad singer but not outstanding.  Though I did like what he did for the Donna Summer song.  I didn’t like the song choice at all – I thought it was a weird choice, but I was seriously impressed with what he did with it.  His wardrobe also needs to improve.
Matt – He’s been boring me lately.  Again like parsley, take it or leave it.  I was surprised he wasn’t in the bottom 3 this week.  My guess is that he is next on the chopping block.
Just as a side note, I don’t like when they bring back sucky runner ups from past seasons to come on and sing.  I really didn’t care to see David Archuleta sing.  Or that week they had Kelly Pickler.  Kelly Pickler???  Ugh.  That is like the 2nd or 3rd time they have had her come on.  I cannot stand her.  One season they brought back that ugly Elliot dude too.  Yuck.  The only ones I have liked seeing come back are the ones with some talent like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry.
I also still think 4 judges is too many.  They need to get rid of that new chick and keep it the original 3.  Just takes too long and they are all doing too much rambling now with her on.

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