Home Improvement Guy

So I have been playing a bit of phone tag with this dude.  He’s the one I have been too tired to meet because of the job (and that seriously is no lie).  Even though I have told him a few times it’s best we do something on a day/night I’m off because of how exhausted I am, he still keeps on calling me and asking me to meet him that evening the day he calls.  I gotta be honest, I don’t like that last min invite crap.  I’m a planner.  He doesn’t seem to be listening.
But tonight he finally he agreed to meet on Thursday.
I’m calling him home improvement guy because he is doing all kinds of work on his house.  The problem is… that’s all he talks about every single time we talk on the phone.  About the cabinets, the floors, the air conditioner, how he went to Home Depot, how his neighbor is helping him and on and on and on and on.  I feel like I work at Lowe’s already.  *Yawns*  Soooo not the conversation women want to talk about.  Especially when first meeting a guy.
I wonder if all I should talk about from now on with him is makeup, bubble baths, shopping for clothes and jewelry and getting my nails done the whole time and see what his reaction is.  I’m sure men don’t want to hear all that crap non-stop and it’s very boring to them.  Well that’s the same equivalent as home improvement or cars to women.

2 Responses to “Home Improvement Guy”

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  2. Home Improvement Says:

    informative, thanks for share 😀

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