Getting Worse

I checked in with the HR guy of that pending corporate trainer job.  He told me he knows about as much as me.  He said things seem to be on hold from the higher ups and he is guessing and only guessing on a hunch, that he thinks they may be trying to bring someone in internally for the position from another call center out of state.  I’m livid of course.  This seems to keep happening with the very few people I interview with.  Why oh why are employers doing this????  There are zillions of people UNEMPLOYED!  Please help the economy and save a persons life – hire the unemployed (who are qualified and good candidates of course).
The guy said he was only speculating this was going on.  He said not to quote him but just going on suspicion.  He could be handing me a line of bull but judging from his tone and what he said, I don’t think he was.  He seemed irritated by it actually and said, “If they are doing this, I don’t know why they are because we went through this whole process of interviewing and screening some good candidates who clearly want to work here and now we have to hold out and cater to someone who might not even be crazy about moving to Phoenix.”
So of course I’m bummed.  It’s really unfortunate that employers are continuing to do this when there are sooooooo many qualified and eager people out of work.  Of course I haven’t stopped looking and applying for other jobs all during this, but not getting any bites.  So this is a real huge disappointment.  I know I shouldn’t give up hope because there is still a chance they could call me and offer me the job but… sounds to me like the Regional Training Manager may want to bring in someone who already works for him in one of the other out of state call centers.  They probably get on well or he likes the persons work or whatever and I can understand that.  It’s just obvious again people who are not effected directly by what is going on have no clue how really bad it is and how life and death it is to us out of work right now.
I actually had the local news on tonight and they said that over 4000 applicants turned out for jobs at In and Out Burger.  They also talked about some job fair and were talking with professional people like myself who have been out of work 6 months to a year.  The only comfort in this is knowing I’m not alone.  That there are very qualified, professional people out there who can’t find work.  That I’m not crazy.  That it’s not just me.  Of course I’m not comforted by the fact that these people are struggling like me and out of work for so long though. 
I wish companies would start hiring.  But it seems to be a catch 22.  I heard a hotel here in the valley is closing it’s doors because it is just not getting the business.  Well that’s because people are out of work.  People out of work – can’t spend money in businesses – business then have to lay off more and shut down and on and on and on.  Ugly cycle that seems to get worse.  I had said a long time ago it will get worse before it gets better and it is certainly happening.
All I can do is keep praying, keep the faith and continue the hunt to the best of my ability.  If you are an employer reading this with hiring power, please hire the unemployed before transfers and promotions within your company.  That can resume when times are better.  Help someone put food on the table.  There are so many awesome and qualified people out there who are so eager to work for you and do a great job.

2 Responses to “Getting Worse”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    That’s so weird, because I ran into exactly the same problem during my job hunting too, only most of the jobs I was looking into was in the public sector. I wanted to work as a technician for a law enforcement agency to help with computer forensics, but they almost always went in-house or went with somebody who did a lateral transfer. The most frustrating was when they would take patrol officers off the street and sit them in front of a computer expecting them to become instant experts in computer crime fighting, and you were lucky if they knew how to use AOL. It was maddening.

    From what I’m seeing it looks like the recession hit your area worst than most. In NY, if you wanted a job at MickieD’s or Burger King, you’d get the job. It’s not so bad that people can’t find work, even if it was at a fast food joint.

    I’m assuming you’re already doing a nationwide search, but it may be that there is no longer a place for you in Arizona. I wish you had a bigger network of contacts that can hook you up somewhere, but all I can do is pray that this nightmare ends for you soon. It did for me, and I promise it will for you too. Don’t give up. 🙂

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks so much for all of your kind words and support Linc. They really do mean a lot and believe it or not, they do help me. 🙂

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