So I have only been getting bits and pieces here and there on this swine flu.  We have cases here and they are kids and so they are closing down the schools.  Uh…. closing down the schools?  Reporting it on the news every night?  People wearing masks and scared?  Why?  I mean isn’t this just another type of flu that is basically pretty similar to the regular flu we have?  Chills, fever, body aches, etc. etc.
So what’s with all the panic here?  Yes good to stay informed and it would definitely suck to get this but it just seems like people are overreacting here.  Someone told me, “Well it’s because people have DIED in Mexico from it!”  Uh… well… people die from the regular flu each year too.  People who are weak, elder, have other medical complications or who don’t go to the doctor, etc. etc.
Am I just missing something here?

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