Home Improvement Guy

So I have been playing a bit of phone tag with this dude.  He’s the one I have been too tired to meet because of the job (and that seriously is no lie).  Even though I have told him a few times it’s best we do something on a day/night I’m off because of how exhausted I am, he still keeps on calling me and asking me to meet him that evening the day he calls.  I gotta be honest, I don’t like that last min invite crap.  I’m a planner.  He doesn’t seem to be listening.
But tonight he finally he agreed to meet on Thursday.
I’m calling him home improvement guy because he is doing all kinds of work on his house.  The problem is… that’s all he talks about every single time we talk on the phone.  About the cabinets, the floors, the air conditioner, how he went to Home Depot, how his neighbor is helping him and on and on and on and on.  I feel like I work at Lowe’s already.  *Yawns*  Soooo not the conversation women want to talk about.  Especially when first meeting a guy.
I wonder if all I should talk about from now on with him is makeup, bubble baths, shopping for clothes and jewelry and getting my nails done the whole time and see what his reaction is.  I’m sure men don’t want to hear all that crap non-stop and it’s very boring to them.  Well that’s the same equivalent as home improvement or cars to women.

How Is It I Never Shopped Here Before?

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with Dollar Tree stores or maybe not.  I had heard of them but never shopped at one ever.  There is one very close to me in Sun City and have been passing it on my route to work.  I decided to stop in and just check it out.  I figure it’s like the 99 Cents store also close to my house. 
To my surprise it was much much better!  This is a pretty cool little store!  I will now shop there over Party City first.  Tons of party stuff, toys, candy, cheap knick knacks, candles, cards, dishes, lots of bath stuff, groceries… you name it.  All for a buck.  What was nice is that the store is not too big.  Kind of like the size of a Walgreen’s.  It was also not ghetto and very nice.  At least the one in Sun City.  It was busy but not insane or irritating busy as it was mostly seniors shopping there.
I’ll be back.

Memo to Consumers

Both good and bad mentions here.
First… the douche bag behavior.
Please don’t give wadded up money to cashiers.  Have the common courtesy to unwad or unroll or uncurl or unfold or whatever to the paper money.  You can do this while he/she is ringing your stuff up and then it saves time from them having to do it and hold you up longer.  Plus it’s just lame and rude that you do that.  Seriously. 
Please pay at the pay counter.  Yeah, there is this little area with a little flat surface for you to lay things on like your wallet, purse, keys, money right next to the debit machine.  Please use it.  Setting your purse or wallet or money on the conveyer belt is not a good idea.  The belt is on a sensor and if you set down money or your lucky barrette down on it… uh yeah, wave bye bye to it when it rolls down into the black hole of “your shit out of luck.”  Yes there is an off button however cashiers don’t always remember to turn it off if they are still bagging your things or totaling your purchases on the register or scanning your coupons or loading your cart so they can make more room to continue bagging or in the middle of getting change from their managers in between customers etc. etc. etc.  Just use the pay area.  It was put there for a reason.
And while we are on the subject of laying money down.  Put it in the cashier’s hand and not on belts and bag racks and such.  Causes money to drop, get lost, and wastes more of your time and prevents you from getting out of there faster.
No I cannot take Canadian nickels or any other foreign money.  Sorry but this is the United States of America and we use U.S. currency here.  And don’t get all fucking huffy and puffy I won’t take your Canadian nickel.  Trying to pawn off your unwanted and useless money to someone else is rude.  We have a bank in the store, go exchange it there.
Don’t ask if you can give me paper money completely torn in half.  There is a bank in the store so go and get it exchanged.  I’m not the bank.  Plus you should not be passing money like that off on someone else.  And no, the cashiers don’t have tape.  Nor do we have the time to fix your ripped up money with customers behind you.
Please stop with the smart assed comments like, “you look like you need something to do” just because it happens to be slow and idle and no one is in my line.  Hearing that same phrase 15 times a day can get on a person’s nerves.  Yeah I know you think you are only one saying it and think you are being cute but how would you like it if 5 to 15 people said “you look like you need something to do” each day at YOUR job to you?  I’m sure you wouldn’t dig it.
Stop with other smart ass comments in response to me.  For example, when it is slow, we are instructed to go out in front of our lines and wave people over or show that we are available to prevent lines etc.  So when I see you walking by and say with a smile, “Are you ready to check out?”   I’m being friendly and doing my job.  Don’t respond with shit like, “No, I just like walking around with a big bag of dog food on my shoulder for fun.”  Now why is a rude comment like that necessary?
Don’t get huffy at me that the price of the whole roasted chickens went up from $5 to $7 and then demand to see my manager, especially on the “speedy check out line.”  I don’t set the prices and neither does my manager.  Chances are you are still getting a good deal anyway so either quit complaining or shop somewhere else.  There are plenty of choices out there.  Go to the deli (where you got it from) and ask them why it went up.  (turns out the chickens were bigger so that’s why they were more)
Don’t come into the “speedy 20 items or less check out line” with 35 items and such.  There is a reason this line is called speedy.  Because it’s faster with 20 items or less and everyone can get out quicker.  You will not only annoy the cashiers but all the customers behind you.  Quit being selfish asses with this behavior of trying to “squeak by.”  Walking 10 more steps to another line won’t kill you.  If you have a few items over 20, like 4 or less I’m still happy to ring you up, but don’t be an ass by pushing it.
Don’t get huffy I’m taking longer to get you checked out when you give me those “green friendly” cloth grocery bags you brought in with you.  Because 1) they don’t fit on the regular plastic bag wheel.  2) there really isn’t any way to stand them up  3) there really isn’t anywhere to put them honestly and they are a pain in the royal ass to try and bag with and 4) we don’t have baggers.  So, if you want to be green then have some patience.  So make a choice, do you want to be green or is speed more important?  You decide. 
This is not your house.  Our public bathrooms are meant for you to do your business of using the toilet, washing your hands and maybe a lipstick touch up.  Not for you and your girlfriends to change into the clothes you just bought, wash your face, brush your teeth, putting on deodorant all the while having all of your purses, clothes and other crap all over all the sinks preventing people from washing their hands.  Yes, this really happened when I entered the bathroom today.  Not to mention one of the stalls had an unflushed toilet with the most nastiest you know what in there.  Plus all the tags they ripped off the clothes left all over the floor and toilet paper everywhere.  It was a complete pig sty in the bathroom at 9am.  Yes we have the automatic toilets and sometimes maybe it doesn’t flush, but there is also a manual flush button on the side.  Use it!!!  Especially when you leave a really disgusting mess in that bowl.  Pick up after yourself.  I should have reported these women now that I think about it.  I mean brushing your teeth?  Putting on deodorant?  Practically showering in the sinks?  Disgusting selfish pigs.
Ad matching… god where do I begin?  We do ad matching of groceries and yeah ok, I know people like to save money.  I’m totally fine with that and understand that.  But must you bring in a stack 5 inches high of ads?  Must EVERY single of your 200 items ALL be ad match items?  I mean come on people!  You are shopping at one of the cheapest places in town already.  This takes up so much time and holds up the line in a very busy store on the weekends like you wouldn’t believe.  Are you that freaking greedy?  Then on top of that say in a disgusted tone to me, “Why are you guys not up on this stuff?  Why does your competition have all these great deals and you don’t and so we have to bring in all the ads?”  I mean WTF????  Uh, lady… we are cheaper than the competition when their stuff is not on sale.  These are called “promotions” that the other stores run to get you to shop there and then pay the higher prices for all the other stuff not in the ad.  We are honoring ad match, not to mention what you saved in gas by getting it all in one place so what the fuck else do you want?  I notice that it is the minority races who pull this.  I’m not saying whitey doesn’t do ad match or use coupons, they do, they just do it on like maybe 10 items, not two fucking cart fulls of shit.  You wouldn’t believe how long this took.  And when you have ad match items, please tell the cashier ahead of time instead of waiting till they have rung it up.  Again, holds everyone up with having to void the items then go back and do an entire ad match sequence for everything.  I could go on and on about the ad match thing.  I wish we didn’t have it.
Now…. before I’m accused of being all negative on the experience let me give you the flip side and prove I’m fair and balanced like Fox news.
For those customers who are cheery and nice, who say hi and how is your day or respond when I greet you and ask how is your day.  Thank you.  For not being on a cell phone or completely ignoring you.  For just acknowledging there is actually a person on the other side of the register.  Thank you.  I always greet every customer with a smile and ask how they are doing.  I always end with “have a great day” when I hand their receipt to them and believe it or not, I actually do mean it.  I smile and say fun things to kids.  I’ll joke around with the seniors when I ring up their alcohol.  I try to be as friendly and bubbly as I can and I have to say I really do like the interaction – especially with the people who are just as friendly with me in return.
For those customers who have to endure hold ups such as a high maintence picky customer ahead of them.  Thank you.  For being patient as my manager comes to give me ones and five’s etc. in my drawer because I have run out.  Thank you.  Or when we have to do a price check.  Or because I’m new and have to ask for help on a certain procedure I have not encountered before.  Or other things that may just hold them up and you are still patient and pleasant.  Thank you.  I always say to that customer before or after ringing them up, “Thanks so much for your patience or sorry about the wait.” etc.
For those customers who put things on the belt in bagging groups like, all canned goods together, all frozen things together, all dry goods together etc. etc.  Thank you!  As a consumer I have always done this myself because I used to be a grocery bagger at the commissary on base and that is how we bagged.  So it’s instilled in me.  So when customers do this – I APPRECIATE it more than you know.  It makes ringing things up and bagging them faster for you. 
For those customers who go a mile further with that and actually line things up in a certain way so that the bar codes are all up… wow.  Big freaking dating game kiss to you!!!!  People may think that’s overboard and maybe it is but I certainly appreciate it and you are far and few in-between.  Again, makes things faster and soo much easier.  You are a gem.  Thank you. 
Other things along that line would be taking the hangers off the clothes for me, putting your ad match items last and letting me know that ahead of time.  Allows me to focus on scanning all your regular things super fast first and then concentrating on the whole ad match process and we go through them together.  Wow.  Thank you.
For those customers who voluntarily take huge and heavy items and lift them up out of the carts for me to use my hand scanner.  Thank you.  I don’t have to lug a huge and heavy item over the belt for the 30th time today.  Thank you Thank you.  You are considerate people.
For those customers on the ball and starting to clear the full grocery bags off the rack and loading into the cart right away.  Allows me not to run out of room and I can continue checking and bagging quickly for you.  Thank you so much.
For those customers who realize they are holding up the line with a price check, a question or special request and change their mind saying, “It’s ok never mind, I don’t want to hold up the line.”  I always ask, “are you sure, I can find out about that”  “nah it’s ok, you guys are busy”  I do notice this stuff from customers.  Sure it could be because they don’t want to wait themselves or it could be they really just don’t think their request is worth holding everything up.  You are considerate people.
I have to say that the WIC customers seem to be the most pleasant and patient consumers by a mile.  Not sure why that is but they truly are.  I find it quite interesting and eye opening.  You guys are the best.  Thank you.

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Sigma Has Their Ducks In A Row

Wow I got my stippling brush from Sigma already!  That was super fast.  She also packaged it really, really cute and even threw in a free *Elf eye shadow called Drama (colors are prettier in person)  I needed some black/silver/grey too!  Woo hoo!
I ordered this brush because I really really wanted a good foundation brush and everyone raves over their way overpriced MAC 187.  But everyone has also been raving this one by sigma is the best dup of it (much, much cheaper) and some even like it better than their MAC.  Plus my cheap brush sets didn’t come with a stippler and I wanted one big time.  I also wouldn’t mind getting the eye shadow blender brush from Sigma too.  Then I think I am done with brushes.
Anyway, so far really impressed with Sigma.
*Sidenote:  I have always been curious to try elf makeup.  They are dirt, dirt cheap.  However, they support Peta so that stopped me in my tracks from purchasing anything from them.  Peta… ugh!  Yes I understand the love for animals but Peta???  Change to the Humane Society, much more respectable and better organization that is not politically motivated.
*UPDATE:  I have washed and used the brush and it’s awesome!  Only one or two hairs shed in washing.  Using this with foundation by stippling really made my foundation go on much nicer!

Behind On Idol Chatter

Even though tonight Anoop and Lil went home I still wanted to give my two cents on tonight and last night’s shows.
Lil – This girl does have a voice and she is soooo pretty.  Who ever was styling her each week did a good job (though I wasn’t crazy about this weeks cat suit she wore).  Yes, she wasn’t my favorite but for some reason I felt like all the judges have been extra hard on her.  They were never happy with anything she did.  Nothing.  All four were always negative with her.  I do admit she did nothing but a bunch of copy catting of songs and nothing too original.   But damn those judges were too harsh on her.  I knew pretty much she was done this week before Simon said it.
Adam – Some of the songs I think he nails and some I just don’t like.  This week he took one of my all time favorite disco songs and changed it up.  Of course I give him snaps for really interpreting the song and making it his own and his vocals were very good.  But I didn’t like the version of the song itself.  Just didn’t like it.  I’d be peeved if I heard that version on the radio.
Allison – I really like this girl.  She just has raw singing talent.  She rocked out Hot Stuff.  Did a good job of it but like Adam’s performance, didn’t dig that version too much.  And on a side note I was a little surprised to see her in the bottom 3 this week.
Anoop – I think the guy has a good voice.  I thought Simon’s comments were overboard on him this week.  I like Anoop but he’s kind of like parsley.  Take it off the plate and no one really notices it’s gone.
Danny – I do like this guy.  I think he’s got a great soul singer voice.  I just really have not dug his song choices.  He needs to pick better songs to showcase his voice better.  I think this guy could really, really blow it out if he wanted to.  I think his wardrobe needs to improve as well.
Kris – I think he’s cute.  He’s not a bad singer but not outstanding.  Though I did like what he did for the Donna Summer song.  I didn’t like the song choice at all – I thought it was a weird choice, but I was seriously impressed with what he did with it.  His wardrobe also needs to improve.
Matt – He’s been boring me lately.  Again like parsley, take it or leave it.  I was surprised he wasn’t in the bottom 3 this week.  My guess is that he is next on the chopping block.
Just as a side note, I don’t like when they bring back sucky runner ups from past seasons to come on and sing.  I really didn’t care to see David Archuleta sing.  Or that week they had Kelly Pickler.  Kelly Pickler???  Ugh.  That is like the 2nd or 3rd time they have had her come on.  I cannot stand her.  One season they brought back that ugly Elliot dude too.  Yuck.  The only ones I have liked seeing come back are the ones with some talent like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry.
I also still think 4 judges is too many.  They need to get rid of that new chick and keep it the original 3.  Just takes too long and they are all doing too much rambling now with her on.

In The Closet and Living In Fuzz

My cat Lola has a thing for closets, cupboards and drawers.  She always has to go inside and poke around, discover things and then attempts to nest in them.  I really don’t like her getting into these things because she likes to dig at stuff with her paws, pulling things out of order so she can make a nest to lie in.  Sometimes I treat her and let her do it but most of the time she just makes a mess so I don’t let her.
I swear, she could be sleeping in another room but as soon as she hears me put my hand on a door knob to a closet, she comes running and is right there waiting.  See picture below.  Sometimes when I’m at my computer in my office, she sits in front of the closet door meowing and scratching at the door, begging me to let her go in and explore and make a mess.  What a goober.  Just ask Barb about her purse.
As pretty as Lola is one thing I will never do is get a long haired cat again.  The shedding is beyond regular short cat hair shedding.  It’s not even the long hair strands that are bad, it’s the little fuzzies that float in the air that is bad.  Yes fuzzies.  I can’t explain it.  She has really soft fuzzy fur that seems to mix in with the long hair.  It’s EVERYWHERE in my house.  And it sticks to every thing like crazy.  And it floats in the air.  Ugh.  You should see my air conditioner vent when I go to clean it.  I never had that with my previous short hair cats.  You can rub your hand on my area rug and it creates balled up fuzzy fur like lint balls. 
What’s really bad is the teeny tiny fuzzies that float.  I’m finding it on my mascara wand and lip gloss wands when I’m putting on my make up.  It’s just really bad right now since it’s spring and full on shedding season for animals.  I seriously need to brush her again already.  I have to take her outside and do it because that fur is a mess when it comes off and just sticks to everything and floats.
I would take her to get shaved as some long hair cat owners do this in the summer but she does not like handlers at all.  This is one cat that does not like vets or groomers or anyone like that.  People she likes but professionals, she has cow with.  She must have been hurt or abused by a professional at one time before I adopted her.  It’s a shame too because one of my friends does this with her long hair cat in the summer and she says he loves it and stays nice and cool, not to mention it cuts way down on the shedding.
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