Twilight Book Review – Part 2

twilightWhoops, I’m a little late posting my review!  Well I was right in saying the next six chapters picked up nicely, got more interesting and I got through them quicker than the first six. 
I have to seriously laugh because Bella and Edward remind me of me and someone.  It floors me in fact.  Bella over analyzes things, investigates things curious about things.  I laugh when she gets mad when things remind her of what she is trying to forget like reading books to get her mind off of Edward, only to notice the main characters in the books have his name. 
Edward has good looks and charm but he does have a temper and a jealous streak and that amuses me.  I do like that he has the old school gentleman manners.  He opens doors, takes her to dinner, gives her his coat when she is cold and has twice come in to save the day by saving her life.  In fact she was making jokes about that and him having to protect her and did it occur to him that her number was up with the van almost hitting her and he stepped in and changed that fate.  His response of “Your number was up the first time I met you” had my mouth drop and then laugh.  Good one.
Ahh… young love.  Just one little pesky problem.  Edward is a blood sucker.  He and his family have to hunt animals to keep their appetites in check around humans.  To quote the Lost Boys, ‘Great!  The blood sucking Brady Bunch!’  They can’t go in the sunlight not because they will burn up (myth) but because they uh… glow?  They don’t sleep, don’t eat regular food and all have a fetish for driving dangerously fast as hell.
Edward can read thoughts of humans except for Bella’s and that drives him insane that he can’t read her thoughts.  I chuckle at that.  So he is always asking her tons of questions.  But he can ease drop and hear her conversations from very far away.  Something that ticks her off of course.  heh heh 
He can also read the thoughts of other boys/men and what they are thinking about her – again jealous temper and protection instinct comes in.  I love his comments like, “Do you really need to go to Seattle on Sat or was that just an excuse to get out of saying no to all your admirers?”  He’s even getting annoyed and no longer laughing at Mike (the guy who seems ga-ga over Bella) with comments like, “Newton’s getting on my nerves.” These comments make me laugh and think of someone.  On the flip side of that Bella does get annoyed at how the women respond to Edward too.  Something I can relate to these days.
There was one point where Bella says she gets anxious when she doesn’t see or hear from him.  It upsets him to upset her and tells her yet again, “This is wrong.”  The strong attraction for each other cannot be denied.  They both seem to know the consequences but both also seem to ignore and damn them.  Hmmm….

It's Official

All this glorious life experience lately has turned me into one of those types of women I absolutely loathe.  Congrats Martini Girl.  You are now a psycho crazy woman.  *sighs*
I’ll have to do an intervention on myself and fast.
<——- In the meantime, dig my cool feets.

More Broken Down System – This Time Peoria

So… I decided to apply for the utilities assistance program in getting help.  I called the number and the guy told me I can call on Monday June 1st at 8:00 am to make an appointment.  I asked what if the lines are completely busy and I can’t get through (we all know you can’t get through to the unemployment office and that’s 5 days a week!)  He said, ‘Nothing but just keep trying.’  I asked if there are other days to call like every Monday or every other Monday and he said no.  Only that Monday to just make an appointment.  The guy had a really snotty little tude too.  Nice.
I have to work on Monday so I only have from 8-10 to try and get through.  I can already see where this is going to go.  *Sigh*  How in the fuck are these systems supposed to work in times like this when people like me REALLY and TRULY need it in a desperate time like this who are not freeloaders?  Maybe I’m jumping the gun in my assumptions, but my gut tells me I’m not.  We’ll see I guess.
Oh and something I never noticed before till now, the city of Peoria taxes food!!!  I thought food you purchase at the grocery store was not supposed to be taxed?

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Thank You Doesn't Come Close

Today we remember those who we have lost.  Those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 

Yellow Ribbon Support? 'Bout Time

Wow, I’m shocked.  Google has a yellow ribbon under their logo right now.
I have always loved when Google decorated their logo for holidays and certain birthdays and such.  But I was always irked that they NEVER recognized any military or other patriotic days.  Pissed even.  The only thing remotely patriotic they ever recognized was Independence Day.  But nothing on Veteran’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day or Patriot Day (Sept. 11th) etc. etc.
I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed because there was some complaining and finally Google started decorating their logo for Veteran’s Day the last two years now.  Now today I see they have the yellow ribbon. 
I still have a complaint though.  Usually when they decorate their logo, if you click on it, it brings up several links on that topic/holiday.  They didn’t link the ribbon to anything.  I’m also thinking they should have done the yellow ribbon for Armed Forces Day – that would have made more sense.  Memorial Day isn’t necessarily about supporting the troops but rather recognizing and remembering those who DIED for their country in war time.  For some reason I picture the people in charge of this at Google are pimply faced 20 year olds who drink expensive Starbucks drinks and know nothing about life.  And how come they didn’t decorate the logo itself?
Oh well, something is better than nothing I guess.  At least they are slowly starting to get it.

I Think There Is Some Retardation Going On

Boring Ball-less guy is back.  Read part 1, part 2 and part 3 first if you are not familiar with my stories on him.  So….. in between part 2 and 3 I did in fact email the guy and said I think we should go our separate ways and not really a good match for each other, blah, blah, blah.  I was very nice and polite as I could be in the note.  He had responded with something like, ‘Sounds good.’  But then time went on and part 3 happened.  Ugh.
Now a month later I get ANOTHER lame one liner email from him saying, ‘hope you are well’ with some new pictures of himself attached.  Ummm…. how many times is this guy going to do this with me?  Is it just me here?  This note and the one he sent in part 3 I just have completely ignored and deleted now.  If I respond to him it will just be like part 1 and 2 all over again.  Boring convo.  Having to repeat myself over and over and him saying he wants to ask me out but never does.  A stupid and pointless time wasting cycle.
Us agreeing to move our separate ways and then he still emails me with no purpose.  I don’t get it.  I don’t usually block people from my profiles but I think I’m going to have to with him now.