A Pack Of Wild Dogs

On the way home from work tonight I saw one of the coolest things.  I saw not one, not two, not three, not four but five coyotes run across the intersection in front of my car.  It was a little after 11pm and it had just finished raining some minuets before.  They all ran across one at a time too.  When I fully approached the intersection I stopped and looked to my right and there was the fifth coyote standing there, looking at me, waiting to make sure I wasn’t going to hit him.  After he saw that I stopped and waited, he took off and crossed the intersection too. 
They were all gorgeous.  I’m always in awe every time I see coyotes here.  It’s just the neatest thing.  But to see a little pack of them running through a Sun City neighborhood late at night was something else.  Just one of the things I do love about Arizona.

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