This Job Sucks and If You Don't Want To Read About It Then Piss Off

This place is a piece of dog crap and if it offends your delicate sensibilities that I’m venting about something I loathe and how shitty it is then don’t read read my blog.  I can vent and show my disgust at something just like YOU DO about things you constantly rag on too.  It pisses me off that I even have to defend venting on my blog.  (Yes… I’m still extremely pissed off and hurt at the 800 things I was picked apart in public for my life and for venting by you Vox.  I’m still EXTREMELY upset you did this and still don’t know what I did to deserve this from you.)
I just don’t get how they are coming up with the schedules.  Suddenly after a few weeks, my days off have now become split apart.  So I’ll have one day off then work two days and then have the other day off.  What kind of shit is that???  It doesn’t even feel like I had any time off that way.  Then they schedule me to work till late Friday night and then schedule me to come in at 8am the following Saturday morning.  WTF?  And now after tomorrow, I will have worked 6 days in a row.   Tomorrow is my Friday and they have me working till late at night.  This shit is gay gay gay.  I can live with most of this crap ass shit but having my days off now suddenly split apart like that is NOT cool.  I will be talking to the manager about that.  That is if I can ever find her.  She is NEVER in our department.  Yes the department manager is NEVER in the department so I have no idea what she is actually doing or where she is.
Not only do you not get benefits, full time, decent pay or reimbursed for your uniforms but you don’t even get the employee discount till 90 freaking days after hire.  Yeah, something they just recently changed right before I got hired.  Oh no…. this company isn’t cheap at all.  Nah.  The store is also boiling all the time.  And no it’s not just me and my fat and old age, all other employees complain of it and customers come to us and complain how hot it is too.  Well…. I have been informed that the temperature cannot be adjusted in the store because the corp. headquarters in Arkansas controls the temp.  Nah… they aren’t cheap.  Nah… they don’t treat their people bad at all.  *side note:  Like the people in Arkansas really know and understand the temperature in Phoenix, AZ.
The customers are seriously all douche bag assholes.  Yes pretty much almost all of them.  I just cannot get over how incredibly rude, selfish, disgusting, unethical you people are.  Feeling a sense of entitlement at douchemart of all places.  Feeling and pretty much demanding you get your way always and get things for free.  Yes free.  “You should just give it to us!!!” People who just lie, cheat and scam for their own god dammed selfish benefit.  You are such assholes when you rip the receipt out of my hand, throw money at me or yell at me, especially for things that are not my fault and all because you are an asshole.  My guess is these assholes have not been touched by the economy in the least and still living in their selfish bubble of “it’s all about me and my fancy coffee cafe drinks and talking on my cell phone.”  I could go on and on about the asshole customers.  99 cent store customers don’t even behave like this.
All this for just over $8 an hour.  Yes, I should just be soooooooo fucking grateful and bow down to the ground to the giant W like everyone else in this country.

One Response to “This Job Sucks and If You Don't Want To Read About It Then Piss Off”

  1. Tracy Says:

    One of my fave lines I heard a comedienne utter ages ago is, “People make me pro-nuclear.” LOL – I never forgot that because it’s become my opinion as well! I’m sorry you’re stuck doing work that is so unsatisfying, but hopefully it’s a temporary situation for only a little while longer. Hang in there and don’t give up no matter what!

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