Twilight Book Review- Part 1

twilightSo far the story is half way decent (for a teeny bopper book anyway).  I like how the main character Bella is from Phoenix but goes to live with her dad in Washington state.  Both places I have lived.  I always get a kick out of things like that when I can relate them to me.  Silly I know, but I do. 
I also like the Bella and Edward characters.  Edward has that smart ass sense of humor and cockiness and at the same time a sort of protective and jealous streak.  It makes me laugh when he is a smart ass about the other guys trying like hell to win the attention of Bella.  It actually reminds me of someone I know.  Even down to the line he gives her of, ‘You really should stay away from me.’  Of course we know this won’t happen and we can see where this is going.
Bella is a cool cookie, at least on the outside.  She seems smart, more introverted and mature for her age.  Someone who is in control except for when it comes to Edward.
The first six chapters are sort of a slow to medium pace.  Normal I guess since the places and the characters need to be set up for the story.  Chapter six ends on the tale of Bella’s Native American friend telling her of the “cold ones.”  My guess is that the next six chapters will get more interesting.

2 Responses to “Twilight Book Review- Part 1”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I cannot read your blog from work anymore…they are onto me!

    Anyway, I did enjoy this one. However, I always pictured Edward – regardless of hair color – as Milo Ventimiglia (sp? – he was on Gilmore Girls for a few seasons as Luke’s nephew, Jesse…)

    She’s become more mature because her mother is such a flake – she’s had to pick up the slack and be the adult in the relationship because seems to me Renee only really cares about herself. But we don’t really get even a real picture of what Renee is like except for what Bella thinks.

    Bella does take things initially in stride – even already having read her English material and previously covering the science stuff in her Phoenix school.

    She doesn’t mention having left any friends behind in Phoenix that she’s missing or even e-mailing…weird. Most kids would DIE than be separated from their friends particularly in HS.

    We’ll see how things progress…

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I was a little surprised she didn’t mention any friends of hers that she left behind either. The author slacked there – haha.

    Her mom is a flake. Kind of reminds me of one of my friends mom. She was like that too.

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