Yellow Ribbon Support? 'Bout Time

Wow, I’m shocked.  Google has a yellow ribbon under their logo right now.
I have always loved when Google decorated their logo for holidays and certain birthdays and such.  But I was always irked that they NEVER recognized any military or other patriotic days.  Pissed even.  The only thing remotely patriotic they ever recognized was Independence Day.  But nothing on Veteran’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day or Patriot Day (Sept. 11th) etc. etc.
I guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed because there was some complaining and finally Google started decorating their logo for Veteran’s Day the last two years now.  Now today I see they have the yellow ribbon. 
I still have a complaint though.  Usually when they decorate their logo, if you click on it, it brings up several links on that topic/holiday.  They didn’t link the ribbon to anything.  I’m also thinking they should have done the yellow ribbon for Armed Forces Day – that would have made more sense.  Memorial Day isn’t necessarily about supporting the troops but rather recognizing and remembering those who DIED for their country in war time.  For some reason I picture the people in charge of this at Google are pimply faced 20 year olds who drink expensive Starbucks drinks and know nothing about life.  And how come they didn’t decorate the logo itself?
Oh well, something is better than nothing I guess.  At least they are slowly starting to get it.

5 Responses to “Yellow Ribbon Support? 'Bout Time”

  1. Justin Britt Says:

    I was wondering if that’s what it was for. I actually think it’s good for people in the US using Google, but I don’t think Google should acknowledge too many holidays only relevant to the United States. But then again I don’t know if everyone sees the same Google, or if it’s region specific…

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Not everyone sees the same Google and it is region specific. For example, if you look at the UK Google, they do all the British holidays. If you look at their page today, you’ll notice they don’t have the yellow ribbon.

  3. Cindy Says:

    I don’t use Google. And after watching this show Extreme Factory, I think is what it was called – showed different companies that are very different than what most of us think of as Corporate America. The show was bragging about atypical companies and the very different designs.

    Google provides areas for the employees to NAP, “pods” for private time, one Google (I think it was in Switzerland) actually had a fireman’s pole and a slide – the slide could be used to get to their gourmet lunchroom…Those 20-somethings are all lefties anyway – what do they know about sacrifice?!

    eBay has a volley ball court, a full size soccer field – it actually has a campus…how many people do they need – really? They encourage people to shop – to collect and decorate their cubes. Employees are excused from being late to a meeting if they were in a bidding war for something…

    Patagonia employees are encouraged to surf – they are located 1 block from the ocean. The surf report is the most important information – they base what they do on when the surf’s supposed to be good. Oh, but they have flex time. mm huh. Right. No wonder they are so proud of their stuff.

    We have a $0.35 soda machine and a manager who uses multiple cameras to watch everything we do – he can actually zoom and see what is on a person’s desk.

  4. Serenity Says:

    Microsoft is the same way. From what I understood, they also have a slide to their lunchroom and allow employees to dress however they please.

    Many people may not agree but I believe these companies get it when it comes to building moral, keeping employees around, (who the hell would quit a job knowing they are allowed to go surfing on the clock?), and keep each other in a team mode.

    Why must we wear stuffy clothes and be all business like at all times? These companies have shown that it’s ok to be lax and still get the work done.

    I just don’t see anything wrong with how they run their businesses. I think they do it right. And I wish I worked in one of these places. Far better than the pissing matches some of my co-workers get in to because they are bored and have nothing productive to do.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    I agree with both sides of this argument actually. I do like that companies do things like provide workout centers, cafeterias, let you surf and make the work place fun. But on the other hand I think sometimes when it’s too lax it does change some of the work ethic. I only say that because MCI was totally a fun company and yet professional. We used to dress professional – even though people were telemarketers and couldn’t see the customers. Over the years we went to casual dress all the time and I saw a huge change in professionalism after that. People got lax and sloppy and it actually does make a difference in how you sound on the phone if you are in a shirt and tie vs. shorts and flip flops. I can’t stand too tight a leash either. I guess it’s a catch 22.

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