Twilight Book Review – Part 2

twilightWhoops, I’m a little late posting my review!  Well I was right in saying the next six chapters picked up nicely, got more interesting and I got through them quicker than the first six. 
I have to seriously laugh because Bella and Edward remind me of me and someone.  It floors me in fact.  Bella over analyzes things, investigates things curious about things.  I laugh when she gets mad when things remind her of what she is trying to forget like reading books to get her mind off of Edward, only to notice the main characters in the books have his name. 
Edward has good looks and charm but he does have a temper and a jealous streak and that amuses me.  I do like that he has the old school gentleman manners.  He opens doors, takes her to dinner, gives her his coat when she is cold and has twice come in to save the day by saving her life.  In fact she was making jokes about that and him having to protect her and did it occur to him that her number was up with the van almost hitting her and he stepped in and changed that fate.  His response of “Your number was up the first time I met you” had my mouth drop and then laugh.  Good one.
Ahh… young love.  Just one little pesky problem.  Edward is a blood sucker.  He and his family have to hunt animals to keep their appetites in check around humans.  To quote the Lost Boys, ‘Great!  The blood sucking Brady Bunch!’  They can’t go in the sunlight not because they will burn up (myth) but because they uh… glow?  They don’t sleep, don’t eat regular food and all have a fetish for driving dangerously fast as hell.
Edward can read thoughts of humans except for Bella’s and that drives him insane that he can’t read her thoughts.  I chuckle at that.  So he is always asking her tons of questions.  But he can ease drop and hear her conversations from very far away.  Something that ticks her off of course.  heh heh 
He can also read the thoughts of other boys/men and what they are thinking about her – again jealous temper and protection instinct comes in.  I love his comments like, “Do you really need to go to Seattle on Sat or was that just an excuse to get out of saying no to all your admirers?”  He’s even getting annoyed and no longer laughing at Mike (the guy who seems ga-ga over Bella) with comments like, “Newton’s getting on my nerves.” These comments make me laugh and think of someone.  On the flip side of that Bella does get annoyed at how the women respond to Edward too.  Something I can relate to these days.
There was one point where Bella says she gets anxious when she doesn’t see or hear from him.  It upsets him to upset her and tells her yet again, “This is wrong.”  The strong attraction for each other cannot be denied.  They both seem to know the consequences but both also seem to ignore and damn them.  Hmmm….

3 Responses to “Twilight Book Review – Part 2”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Bella is probably the most accident-prone person in that town. She somehow survived the trials of the Az desert without an apparent hero or even friend to save her. But he is obviously smitten so he tries to be there for her, literally.

    The fact that the whole town, including Charlie, seems oblivious to the Cullens is interesting. Except for the Native Americans that live in La Push…

    The more I read of the series, the more annoyed I would get with Bella – but then the more obsessed I became with finding out how it all ended.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Hmmm… interesting you said that about Bella. My friend asked me what I thought of the Bella character so far. Now of course I’m curious as to what she does in the series.

  3. Cindy Says:

    You will have to keep reading then. I am already finished with the next set…

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