Badda Bing!

I have to say that I’m really liking that search engine Bing.  I’m liking it better than Google I think.  Everyday they have a new background picture with little fun fact links embedded in it.  Today is a cool pic of a manta ray. 
Been testing out the searches and it’s pretty comparable to Google.  On their video thumbnail pages, you can roll your mouse over and actually get a preview of the video without having to click on it and bring it up.  Kewl.

Native American History, Some Chicken, Pasta and a Sweet Red, Red Wine

I had another date with Home Improvement Guy and today we met up at the Heard Museum around 2:30 pm.  In all the years I have been here I have never been but always wanted to check out this one as well as all the others we have.  Very nice place, well done.  We took the free tour and the tour guide was pretty darn good and had a lot of great info.  They had a lot of nice things set up for the kids too which I thought was cool.
It was a gorgeous day out today.  Very warm of course but not as bad as it could be.  Kind of interesting driving around down town Phoenix, been awhile since the last time I was down there.  I got to see the new light rail in action.  It seems really nice and it’s definitely getting some use as I saw lots of people on it.
This time around he was clean shaven.  He didn’t have a full on beard the last time or anything but more like the George Michael look.  I mentioned him being clean shaven and he said he remembered I preferred that so he shaved.  Heh, I get a kick out of men doing that for me.  He looked nice.
Then we went to his house and he made and served a really nice dinner for me along with a nice red wine.  I like the sweet wines – yummy.  He was being funny, very sweet and pampering me which to be quite honest, I really liked.  I definitely notice and appreciate it when someone is putting in the effort.  It doesn’t take money to impress a girl but rather gestures.  Doing things for her, saying things to her, listening to her or entertaining her.
While he was cooking he did ask me why I didn’t have a boyfriend.  He seemed genuinely very surprised that I wasn’t taken.
After dinner he popped in a movie that we never finished watching.  It was very relaxing and I had a nice time.  I didn’t get home till 10:30 pm.  Now, I suddenly feel exhausted and I’m sure I’ll sleep like a rock.
Will it go further?  I don’t really know.  I’m not as into him as he is for me but who knows, that could always change.  I’m glad I went though.  It was a very relaxing and nice time.

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The Notebook

You know, I never really got into that movie the Notebook like everyone else did.  But it’s on right now and I’m seeing it with different eyes.  This scene is the total turning point and I can relate totally with the guy here.  Totally, totally, TOTALLY.  The entire scene almost word for word.


They Come in 3's Don't They?

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and then Michael Jackson.  Wow.  Ed wasn’t too big of a shocker and I think we expected any day now for Farrah.  But then the whammy cherry on top being Michael. 
You know, I’m actually shocked and a bit sad that Michael Jackson has died.  I wasn’t a huge fan or anything but I did like him.  It’s hard to describe really because I have never owned anything Michael Jackson.  I’ve never bought his music.  I did watch him in the Jackson Five on TV.  My friend had his Off the Wall album and I listened to it there.  When Thriller came out, I was too busy into my Nu Wave stuff like Duran Duran, Kaja Goo Goo, The Police, Nik Kershaw and the like. 
When Thriller was all the rage and the biggest seller of all time, I couldn’t get why fans went as crazy as they did for him.  I thought his music and image were good and likeable, but just didn’t think it was THAT big a deal.  But over time I grew to appreciate his music, his style, his dancing and just how talented he really was, even though he really wasn’t my thing.  Sounds corny I guess.  The one thing I did enjoy was watching his videos.  I thought he really had some fantastic ones.  Especially in the 80’s.  His dancing was hands down, brilliant.  Even today, I’ll watch a Michael Jackson video if I happen to catch one.  Billie Jean is probably my all time favorite song/video of his.  Great music in that one.  You Rock My World is a great video.  Good music, famous faces in it, fun familiar lines, nice costumes, great dancing… classy.  Who can forget Beat it?
Of course over the years, he got creepy.  Just down right creepy.  I hated how he changed his looks so much.  Even the way he talked.  The weird things he would say.  The weird things he wanted to buy.  His marriage to Lisa Marie.  Weird interviews.  And then there was the whole creepy thing with kids.  I still to this day wonder if he really did do bad things with kids or was he really innocent and the truth was nothing but money grubbing people using their kids to get money out of him.  I just don’t know.
You have to admit that even if he wasn’t your cup of tea, the guy had some serious talent.  Even as a really young kid, his talent was pretty mind blowing.  I mean, how old is he here?  How good is that performance?  It blows away some ADULT talent today.  I heard on the news tonight that the tour he was getting ready to do in England, all 50 of his shows sold out in minutes.  The boy still has an incredible fan base even after all these years.  Even all the younger generations loving him.  It amazes me.
I didn’t watch the news long.  I then flipped over to MTV and found that much more enjoyable as they are of course playing all Michael Jackson videos and old interviews and appearances.  It’s nice to see MTV doing that.  Reminds me of the old days on MTV when it was actually about the music.  Go tune in.  Forget the news.
People will complain that his death and coverage of this is going to be annoying because it will probably go on for days and days.  It puts Farrah’s death in the shadows and so on.  People will say who gives a crap about him?  But, you’ll have to get over it because like it or not the guy was an icon.  It’s going to be covered a lot and then some.  Just like when Elvis died.  You may say, ‘he’s no Elvis’ and believe me, I’m an Elvis fan.  But remember not everyone was an Elvis fan either.
Love him, hate him, indifferent… Michael Jackson made some music history. 
Here is a quick video play list of my favs.  I’ll add more later, too tired to finish and now it’s time for bed.

Updates From the Single and Fabulous Life of a Martini Girl

I STILL haven’t put up my latest reviews of Twilight.  Man… I’ve been dragging ass on that and I’m not sure why.  Usually I get through a book pretty darn quick but it’s just been sitting on my nightstand.  I do promise I’ll update though.  I want to finish it and interested in the story.
Been losing some weight.  Funny, I don’t really see it but my girlfriend tells me I have and some of my clothes are looser so I must be.  I really didn’t notice it too much until I finally got my white shirt sent to me by my friend from when I stayed with her in El Paso back in Jan.  The shirt is much looser on me.  I’m sure it’s from working again even though it is part time cashing.  I’m not complaining though, losing weight is always a good thing right?  I honestly wouldn’t mind doing some walking again but it’s so damn HOT here.  I can’t always do it at night either since my schedule is all over the place.  I kind of wish I had my old treadmill but I donated that to some charity long ago.
Same my home project funds seem to be moving towards a halt.  Got 3 donations and now it’s just sitting there.  I had a feeling that would happen since I don’t have a high readership but feel free to advertise my post in your local newspaper!  Or just donate.  I really, really still need the help folks.
Home Improvement guy has been calling and leaving messages.  I didn’t really return his calls but he called again today and I did talk with him.  We plan on getting together as soon as I check my work schedule tonight and call him back tomorrow.  One interesting thing is he wants to take me to a museum for a date or cook me dinner or both.  I like that actually.  I like museums first of all and yet rarely ever go.  I like that he wants to do something different than the old boring ass standard of dinner and movie type of date.  I think daytime dates are more fun and wish more men would think of that (aside from coffee or lunch).  It’s a sign he’s paid attention to what I said I like.  I also like the fact he is offering to cook for me.  I need to be spoiled for a change.  Anyone in the Phoenix area have suggestions on which museum to check out?  I know we have quite a few.
Just for shits and giggles I added that 30 something Scottsdale guy to my friends list on Facebook.  Now he’s leaving me messages to call him and meet for coffee.  Hmm… not sure how I feel about that.  I’m always leery about this stuff now.  I’m becoming jaded. 
I seriously need a haircut but they are so pricey for women, at least if you don’t want your hair butchered by a Supercuts like place.  My hair has gotten so long.  I don’t want to cut off the length but it seriously needs a trim and to get some re-shaping done, maybe even some layers in it.  Time to update the look and bring out more of my hot beauty.  heh heh
Still on the job hunt.  Still applying.  Still no phone calls.  I talked to two of my other friends in the same boat.  Having all the same issues for the same periods of time. 
Aside from seriously needing a haircut, I seriously need a massage and some fruity flavored cocktails.  On top of that, I could really use a cheap and meaningless lay.  Hey, I’m a single 30 something woman with raging hormones and who has been to hell and back.  I deserve it. 

Save My Home Project

Never in a million years did I think I would be doing this.  Begging for donations.  But someone on Twitter asked me if I had a Paypal account after reading this post.  I’m actually very, very touched that someone would even think to give me money to help me.  It actually touches me to a point deep, deep inside that I cannot even begin to describe.  At the same time I feel ashamed.  I guess I shouldn’t.  But it’s very hard not to because I have always been a successful person who has worked hard for everything that I had and I was the one who would donate to those in need.
Quite honestly I need to raise $7500 in 25 days and I think it might as well be a million.  I’m not a popular blogger like I used to be with my old blogs so I don’t know how much of a dent this could make.  But since people are asking, I’m putting my Paypal button here.  
**UPDATE:  I will anchor this post at the top of my blog for a little while.  WordPress would not let me do it so I’ll just have to keep changing the post date to keep it at the top.  Look under this one for any newer posts.
**UPDATE:  I will try and give a running total of what has been donated so far and the most recent date of the last donation.  I’m leary about getting even close to my goal as I just don’t have the readership I once had on my old blogs.  To those who have donated, thank you so much.  It means more than you know.  As of 06/21/06 $178.00 has been donated.