Watching The News Again

Just briefly so far.  Not sure I’ll keep watching or just tune it out again for a few months.  I was right in saying before I have not missed too much.  Same ole, same ole.  Depressing.
Watching Barry’s speech the other night was interesting.  There was good and bad in it.  I do get the guy has good intentions and wants very much for our world to be like Sesame Street where we all come together and live in harmony.  Yes, we all want that.  I applaud his motivational efforts to try and inspire us and everyone around the world to do so.  I do see where he is coming from.
On the other hand, I think he needs to stop “apologizing” for us.  Stop painting us in a bad light.  Yes we make mistakes but stop painting the picture that we are a torture country, that we treat Muslims badly and trying so hard to be politically correct and not offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities.  It’s weak.  Very weak.  Just like Bill O’Reilly, I find it interesting he never once used the word terrorists or terrorism.  It was a little disturbing to tell you the truth.
I also find it pretty angering that the White House put out a statement of sympathy immediately the day after the abortion doctor was killed yet waited days and days to issue a similar statement after the U.S. soldiers were killed/wounded outside the recruiting office.  I cannot believe Obama and his staff are still doing dumb ass shit like that.  I just don’t get it.  Main stream media also followed that path.  Tons and tons of sympathy and coverage on the abortion doctor and almost nothing on the soldiers.  What is wrong with people??? 
I’m not saying the abortion doctor is any less or any more important than the soldiers.  I think it was just awful that someone murdered him the way they did.  Whether you are for or against abortion, that act of murder was brutal, unnecessary and doesn’t do any good for anything or anyone.  At the same time it was just as horrendous some extremist shit head shot those young soldiers.  These men did nothing but serve their country and they were gunned down because they wore the uniform.  Yet the mainstream media and White House want to show sympathy for the doctor and only a snippet of political correct sympathy for the soldiers.  Why?  Is it because the guy was a Muslim nut job and we didn’t want to politically touch on that so close to Barry’s kumbaya Muslim speech?  Or maybe just more important to paint the picture that people against abortion (mostly conservatives) are murdering nut jobs?  Once again another liberal President ignoring an act of TERRORISM.

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