See A Trend Here?

Kind of interesting to look at my blog stats and see what search strings are being done on search engines that lead people to my blog.  Unempoyment and big issues with it here in Arizona that lead to my old post about it.  People are still leaving comments on that blog post too.  But then again, it’s just me right? 
Search Terms for 7 days ending 2009-06-09
Summarize: 7 Days 30 Days Quarter Year All Time

Search Views
killer 80s 4
can’t get a hold of arizona unemployment 3
azui lawsuit 3
problems getting my arizona unemployment 2
what does available for full time work i 2
az unemployment taking forever 1
letter of adjudication unemployment ariz 1
az unemployment waiting week get pay fol 1
arizona unemployment server too busy 1
killer 80’s 1
stormy night martini 1
unresolved issues on az unemployment cla 1
arizona unemployment unresolved issue 1
arizona unemployment adjudicator 1
haven’t received unemployment check az 1
arizona unemployment check not received 1
arizona unemployment adjudication 1
what if you can’t get through az des cal 1
blogs addressing arizona’s employment cl 1
des sesert martini 1
martini girl decorations 1
az unemployment sucks 1
cardinals 1
arizona unemployment computer delay 1
Search Views
ades impossible unemployment 1
big beefy butt 1
arizona unemployment line is always busy 1
ae dating email penpal contact 2009+2009 1
twilight book review 1
unemployment benefits delayed due to unr 1
i tried calling all day to unemployment  1
Search Views
arizona unemployment unresolved issue 3
az unemployment problems 2
mavrick martini 2
killer 80’s 1
why dont i qualify for azui 1
does sausages make your butt biger 1
arizona unemployment delay 1
unresolved issue when i look at my arizo 1
when is it appropriate to decorate with  1
why can’t i get an answer from unemploym 1
sigma brush 1
Search Views
arizona unemployment cannot get through  1
arizona unemployment phone line always b 1
.. she’s so far away .. anymore ❤ 1
arizona unemployment phone line 1
commercial heinz 1
az unemployment call center 1
arizona des unresolved issue 1
az unemployment cant get through to talk 1
arizona cardinals 1
az unemployment filing problems 1
boring sad guy 1
can’t get through arizona unemployment b 1
arizona unemployment problems 1
az unemployment adjudicator 1
Search Views
arizona unemployment phone problems 2
arizona employment office locations 1
az unenployment benits suck 1
who to call in state of arizona still wa 1
az unemployment unresolved issue 1
help for waiting nine weeks still have n 1
arizona unemployment unresolved issue 1
az unemployment impossible 1
want to meet girls interested in fetish  1
don’t eyeball me boy 1
bailey’s chocolate syrup infidelity choc 1
twilight book chapter 1 1
arizona unemployment delay 1
stormy night martini 1
twilight book chapter 1 preview 1
azui new benefit year 1
no unemployment this week because of unr 1
arizona unemployment office locations 1
bye bye dear i’ll be back in 1
martini 1
Search Views
hot to get a letter from azui 1
is there a waiting period for unemployme 1
why do places say “now hiring” when they 1
cream to make a big butt 1
arizona unemployment fax number 1
azui create password message 1
arizona umemployment delay 1
arizona unemployment tips line 1


One Response to “See A Trend Here?”

  1. Winter Says:

    Unemployment office in Arizona is terrible. They have taken almost 30 days to cancel my claim so I can go ahead with filing it in another state. Their fax number is always busy. Their phone number is always busy. They do anything at all with any sort of urgency. Why just 1 phone/fax number??? And why dont they have a number for people in special situations who will need to call back a couple of times or follow up on an issue?

    My faxed letter sat in a pile for 30 days….

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