Native American History, Some Chicken, Pasta and a Sweet Red, Red Wine

I had another date with Home Improvement Guy and today we met up at the Heard Museum around 2:30 pm.  In all the years I have been here I have never been but always wanted to check out this one as well as all the others we have.  Very nice place, well done.  We took the free tour and the tour guide was pretty darn good and had a lot of great info.  They had a lot of nice things set up for the kids too which I thought was cool.
It was a gorgeous day out today.  Very warm of course but not as bad as it could be.  Kind of interesting driving around down town Phoenix, been awhile since the last time I was down there.  I got to see the new light rail in action.  It seems really nice and it’s definitely getting some use as I saw lots of people on it.
This time around he was clean shaven.  He didn’t have a full on beard the last time or anything but more like the George Michael look.  I mentioned him being clean shaven and he said he remembered I preferred that so he shaved.  Heh, I get a kick out of men doing that for me.  He looked nice.
Then we went to his house and he made and served a really nice dinner for me along with a nice red wine.  I like the sweet wines – yummy.  He was being funny, very sweet and pampering me which to be quite honest, I really liked.  I definitely notice and appreciate it when someone is putting in the effort.  It doesn’t take money to impress a girl but rather gestures.  Doing things for her, saying things to her, listening to her or entertaining her.
While he was cooking he did ask me why I didn’t have a boyfriend.  He seemed genuinely very surprised that I wasn’t taken.
After dinner he popped in a movie that we never finished watching.  It was very relaxing and I had a nice time.  I didn’t get home till 10:30 pm.  Now, I suddenly feel exhausted and I’m sure I’ll sleep like a rock.
Will it go further?  I don’t really know.  I’m not as into him as he is for me but who knows, that could always change.  I’m glad I went though.  It was a very relaxing and nice time.

3 Responses to “Native American History, Some Chicken, Pasta and a Sweet Red, Red Wine”

  1. Andrew Says:

    You never know.

  2. Andrew Says:

    What’s with the password protected post?

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Yes he called me again a few times yesterday and wanted to get together again so we’ll see. The protected post just had more details in it that were a little more private. You already know from our phone convo.

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