Random Nonsense

Busy at work of course since the holiday weekend is here.  There were quite a few hotties coming through my line tonight buying beer, hot dogs and other items for their camping or boating trips.  Mmmmm…. I wanna go.  Can I come too?  heh heh
We finally got a bit of a thunderstorm but I was inside working when the rain came.  There is still the breeze, smell of rain and a bunch of awesome lightening when I was driving home though.  It smells great outside.  I drove home tonight with my windows down and my moon roof open. 
I also saw two Jack Rabbits close to my neighborhood.  We have tons of cotton tails here and in all the years I have lived here, I have never seen jack rabbits.  Those guys were huge!
On the radio they were playing some good tunes.  ELO popped on.  Most excellent.  Then right after that When Will I Be Loved came on.  Ain’t that the farking truth!  I can relate.  Damn… I should have asked those hotties if I could hang out on their boat drinking beer.  😀  If more hotties come through my line tomorrow, I’m asking. 
The other night one of my favorite all time movies came on.  Revenge.  I can’t believe I almost forgot about this movie.  I’ve seen it many times but haven’t seen it in a long long while.  I can’t believe I don’t own it.  I used to on VHS but never got it on DVD.  *runs over to my Amazon account and adds to wish list*  This was the flick that got me all hot and bothered over Kevin Costner.  He’s hot in this movie.  The story is very sexy.  Very hot.  Really good cast and story line.  The ending always makes me cry.

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