Just to let people know that my latest tweet about being full of shit is about Bridgette’s latest blog post on the economy.  Didn’t want others to think it was about them so I’m clarifying here.
**UPDATE:  Even more bullshit was added to the post to try and justify her previous bullshit.

9 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. Andrew Says:

    After talking with you the other day I went and looked at her blog entry. You and I and all of the other thousands and thousands, in the valley alone (not individuals as she likes to say) who have been unemployed over a long period of time know that she is completely full of shit like you said. There is no way in hell she even did that or even happened that way. No way. She is obviously pretending and exaggerating things to try and prove you wrong. Screw her. She sounds like a real uptight bitch who thinks she is a know it all who has no clue as to what is really going on.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    At first I thought it was you that left the comment over there on her blog but now I realize it was R. Funny how she still thinks he is lying about being in the military and a journalist. I think she has some issues.

  3. Andrew Says:

    She thinks he’s making up being in the Army and a journalist? Why?

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Oh who knows. Maybe because he and I met online so he HAS to be lying. Even though I have seen him on cam when he was in Korea and in his barracks room. Even though I mailed him stuff over there. Even though I have personally driven to Ft. Hood to visit him during New Years. I’ve seen his barracks, his military I.D. his dog tags, his uniforms, his base car sticker. Hell, I’ve even seen his NZ passport. But maybe he has been faking his NZ accent over the year he and I have talked too. lol

    I’ve read his articles and I still read his current stories he is writing while in Iraq. He did win awards for his writing. One for a local paper he wrote regularly for in his home state and I’ve seen the awards he got right before he left Korea (where he wrote for the base paper) in his ceremony. He writes for a few other websites for free but hasn’t been able to now since being in Iraq. They have NO days off. They work 7 days a week and what little spare time he does have he’s trying to get in his running and preparing for the promotion board. Ok, it’s not the New York Times or Vanity Fair he has written for and won awards for but jeez. She has to doubt who he is and shit all over it just because of the fact he’s pissed her off with his comments.

    It’s also obvious she doesn’t get his humor. He’ll use fake names when leaving comments on my blog and other blogs, twitter and such. He’ll leave sarcastic and funny comments on my blog – some of them are actually inside jokes between he and I so those I don’t expect others to get. It’s just funny that she seems all smug about “calling him out” on his fake name on her blog comments. I mean come on, it’s obvious it’s him. He always uses names like Frightened Kid or Soldier of Fortune or Danger Zone and many others. He never leaves his real name. But because he does that, he makes everything up I guess. Because he has pissed her off, he’s not really who he says he is.

    As for how she behaved with me on my blog. I still to this day don’t know what I did to her for her to react so nasty and mean like that. Obviously something I did pissed her off (though I don’t know what it is) and she felt the need to criticize everything about me, my life, my friends, my parents and so on. She was really, really out of line with the things she said. Maybe she’s mad her company has to pay into Unemployment and so me bitching about the lack of payout pissed her off to no end and thinks I want to be unemployed and milk the system for a measly $240 a week before taxes. Maybe she’s just sick of hearing about the negative stuff I’m experiencing. Well… I don’t know what to say except it’s real and it’s happening. Not just to me but many, many, many people. I’m sorry she doesn’t want to hear the truth or hear the real emotions one feels when going through this nightmare. Maybe she just thinks I bitch too much. Well, she didn’t seem to have a problem with me bitching about liberals or moonbats or other issues when times were good for me. She bitches about stuff a lot too and there are some things I could say about her too about herself that she wouldn’t like hearing either. People tend to lash out and criticize what they fear. Or they tend to lash out and pick on others characteristics that they themselves have. Mirrors hurt.

    I vented on my blog calling W customers shopping on Easter Sunday douche bags and she went off and ripped me a new one for it. But on the other hand, someone like Rachel Lucas can call all W customers who shop on the day after Thanksgiving assholes (pictures included) and it’s witty and wonderful. Read that post and you’ll notice what she said and I said are not too much different at all. But in the end, I’M the asshole for saying it and all the while being in this horrid situation that I HAVE to endure. It’s not a choice.

    If Vox is sick about hearing the economy now then she had better put herself in a coma or move to Switzerland because the economy is NOT going to get any better any time soon. It has not even bottomed out yet and it’s been two years. Eventually, it will start to plateau but it will still stay that way for many months. Then very slowly we’ll see unemployment move down like 1% and then that will be for many months. Then 1.7% for many months and so on. It’s going to be years before it is back to the way it was. A good portion of America will be sick of hearing about the economy and how bad it is and the other portion of America who can’t buy their kids new clothes will get sick of hearing about how you complain about your jobs or buying new computers and your vacations and such. Personally I think what WE have to deal with over the next 5 years compared to what YOU have to deal with in the next 5 years is much, much, much shittier don’t you think?

    That whole thing on concerts and movies selling out with long lines at the concession stands. Ummm… yeah, even during the depression those are things that still stayed the same or even went UP in sales. BECAUSE PEOPLE STILL NEED ESCAPE. Especially in shitty times and it’s still relatively cheap. Are they going to Disneyland and Vegas for two weeks? No. Are they buying big screen TV’s and diamonds? No. Me personally, I haven’t bought a movie ticket in probably over a year. The last two times I went to the movies, I used my free passes I got from the last corporate job I had. The time before that my mom bought my ticket. The last concert I went to (Chris Isaak) my friend bought my ticket. You also have to keep in mind that concert tickets go on sale months before the event. So people may not have lost their jobs yet when they purchased tickets but may very well be unemployed when attending the show. The one thing I had kept was cable. Funny, that is also one thing that the cable company I interviewed for said too, “Actually our business is good right now (when I asked him), people tend to keep their cable or get cable when times are down because it’s still a relatively cheap way of getting entertainment instead of taking a pricey vacation or going skiing, etc.” Yeah, but she went off on me for having cable though. Restaurants are doing well for the same reason – comfort food is UP. Gee, I wonder why. So is alcohol and drug use. So I’m sure liquor companies, bars, drug companies and drug dealers are seeing an increase in their businesses too.

    Sorry Drew, I couldn’t help but get on a rant about it. lol

  5. Andrew Says:

    Frightened Kid? LOL It’s probably not even that she doesn’t believe him, she just has nothing else to find to pick on him about. Weak. No apologies necessary girlfriend. I know full well what the truth is. Rant all you like.

  6. Martini Girl Says:

    eh… I think I’m pretty much done with her at this point now. I’ve said what I had to say. I no longer give a rats ass what she thinks from this point forward.

  7. Liz Says:

    Did you block this guy she is fighting with from your blog? Is that you she is referring to? About being a lonely and single woman on the internet? Jesus, she really does like to personally attack doesn’t she?

  8. Martini Girl Says:

    No I didn’t block him from my blog. He can still see it from his personal laptop. I’m guessing the office he works at on the base there probably just blocked out all of wordpress or something. They probably block out the main blog sites like WordPress, Blogger, MySpace, etc.

    I’m sure the reference is about me. I really could care less if that’s her perception. Especially from a woman who is afraid to be alone and jumps from one relationship immediately to the next. Not to mention her pathetic manipulative ways of getting these weak men to do things for her. My guess is she has “daddy” issues.

    I remember once she told me she didn’t have many female friends and had trouble keeping them. I guess we can all see why.

  9. Martini Girl Says:

    A few more things I’ll say because well, I just couldn’t resist after reading her final comments on her silly untrue blog post. I’m sure I’m being no better than her by trying to justify everything. But I don’t care. I’m tired of her personal cheap shots and I’ve been pretty damn nice about it.

    She keeps going on and on with my friend not being who he says he is or that I’m blind or gullible to things about him. I know everything about him. Everything. I find it quite humorous that she keeps bringing those things up like she thinks she knows something I don’t. She’s really making herself look like an ass. I know everything about him sweetheart.

    As for her comments about me being a lonely single woman on the internet, I’m alone but certainly not lonely. Not any more than the average single person anyway. If I were that desperate to have a man to complete my life, I would have taken the first one that came along and showed interest in me. I am picky though, I don’t just settle on someone or feel like I have constantly have a male in my life jumping right into a relationship with a man two seconds after my last one. I don’t have daddy abandonment issues.

    I like how she refuses to believe what he does for a living or his achievements. She even questions if he is here in Phoenix. That made me laugh out loud.

    I like how she thinks he has no life or stalking her or wasting his time at work. Quite frankly, he’s just entertained by her and her nonsense. All of us are. Getting a rise out of her wasn’t even a challenge for him and it’s funny to see that she did, after all, have to get the last word (and close the comments on that particular post). *snickers* Because after all, it’s all about being RIGHT dammit! Unemployment isn’t real! Foreclosures aren’t real! The numbers are all lies! There is nothing wrong with our unemployment system! You are not who you say you are!

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