Potter Craze

Yes I’m ‘one of those’ people who does adore the Harry Potter books and movies.  But I’m not one of those obsessed adult weirdos who has to go to the midnight premiere or wears the glasses or takes the silly online quizzes that tells me which character I am. 
In all honesty I like the stories.  The books are really excellent.  They are funny, cute, sad, dark, light and just down right creative and cleva.  I totally get why kids around the world got soooo into them.  It was really great to see kids reading again because it seemed like that fell by the wayside since video games, cell phones and computers had taken over.  When these books were becoming the “thing” it was cute to see kids out in public reading them.  At the doctor’s office in the waiting rooms, in the back seat of a car next to me at the red light and so on.  It must be fun to be a parent taking their little ones to the book signings and such.  The kids get so excited and so into it.  It’s adorable.
I remember the when the first movie came out my parents went to see it while they were on one of their trips to Vegas.  I was shocked when they told me they saw it.  Even more shocked when they said they liked it, including my fussy Rambo-Terminator-Rocky-Godfather viewing father.
I still have not read the very last book yet.  I am on schedule with the movies.  The newest movie is out and I’ll see it soon I’m sure – I have one last movie pass.  The final book is FINALLY out in paperback now.  Jeez that took FOR-EV-ER to come out in paperback which irked me.  The author should have done that a year ago.  She is getting too greedy.
Now even though I am not one of those weirdo adult fans, there is one thing that I would LOVE to do and that is go to the new Harry Potter theme park they are building.  That is going to be a very awesome place folks.  And huge.  I think it opens in 2010.  Some footage of the construction here.  I can’t even imagine how crowded it would be it’s opening weekend.  Yikes.  That place will be a non-stop and total money making machine.  I’d love to go.
I’m still a kid at heart.  🙂

One Response to “Potter Craze”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I was too anxious to pace myself to read them in time with the movies…So I’ve read all of them.

    But it has been a while since I read 6 so I’ll probably have to go back and re-read (which I RARELY do) just to see what they’ve cut and changed.

    They have stayed pretty true to the books. Obviously with as long as they are stuff is going to get cut. And 7 is going to be TWO movies…

    Dennis and I are planning to see it Tuesday. He has off and I’m taking a half day. Hopefully we’ll avoid some of the nosense and crowds.

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