The New Night Shoppers and the Kiddies

Every since the 4th of July everyone seems to be doing their grocery shopping at night now.  I know it’s hot as hell during the day here in good ole hellish Phoenix but jeez.  The last 10 nights at douchemart have been especially crazy.  It.has.been.non.stop.  Cartful after cartful after cartful of crap.  Lines and lines and lines.  No breaks.  They just keep coming and coming and coming.  My back is freaking killing me.  I’m exhausted when I come home like you wouldn’t believe, even on days when my shift is short.
On top of that they don’t seem to staff enough at night.  I told our department manager tonight she needs to schedule more people in the evenings because it’s sooooo busy. 
God people, shop at Bashes for a change.  Help them out since they are going bankrupt or something.  I drove by there on the way home and hardly any cars in their lot.  Yeah I know it’s not douchemart prices but sometimes it pays to have convenience and no waiting, etc.  At least once in a blue moon.
One thing I will say is at least all the customers have been nice these last few days.  No assholes. *knock wood* 
The other great thing has been talking to and playing with all the cute kids coming through my line.  It’s funny, when some of them start acting up like spoiled brats with crying and begging and everything else, I’ll get real close to them and say in a semi firm but playful tone, “What’s going on?  Are you the one raising a ruckus over here?”  Every single time they all stop crying and look at me in curiosity.  I’ll laugh and play with them and then they always smile.  When I ring up their treats or toys I ask, “Is this for me?”  Some don’t know what to say and shyly smile and some kids are not shy and say, “No that’s mine” and of course I laugh.
One little girl kept staring at me.  She must have been about two.  She had such a serious face on her.  At one point I took my scanning gun and came around to scan their dog food and water and she watched me closely.  Then I scanned her and made a “beep” sound at her.  That finally got a slow smile spreading across her face and I said, “oh you liked that did you?” and her mom laughed.  Most of the parents laugh when I do that stuff with their kids.
A father was in line with two young boys who looked to be five and six and they were getting pretty rambunctious.  The dad kept telling them to settle down and of course they ignored him.  I said, “Do I have to call the W police on you guys?”  They both froze and then sat in their seats and had shy smiles.  The dad said, “see…. you need to behave.”  I then demonstrated my cashier line light and how I could make it blink and that calls the police.  The dad totally played along.  It was very cute.
Another little girl who looked about 3 maybe 4 was helping to pull the bags off and put them in the cart.  She kept looking at me and smiling and waiting for me to spin the bags to her.  After they were all loaded on the cart I looked at her and said, “Wow, you are a really great helper.  I have some things that need to be done around the house.  You want to come over and help me do those?”  She smiled and nodded her head yes and the parents and I laughed like crazy.  God, she was soooo cute.
I’ve had some friends tell me they think I would be a great parent.  I always laugh and say how strict I’d be like a drill Sgt.  But Barb told me some nights ago, “oh please, you’d be a big softie.”  lol  Maybe she’s right.  I can’t help but long for a little girl or little boy sometimes.  Just don’t think it’s going to happen for me though sadly since I’m not married.  Who knows though, I could be like Madonna and have kids in my 40’s.

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