Twilight Book Review – Part 3 + Bonus

twilightSo here is the final and very, very, very late review of Twilight.  I’m kind of in a lazy mood about posting the final thoughts but I’ll give it a try.
Things definitely got really interesting after Edward takes Bella to meet his family and watch them play their version of baseball.  The bad guys show up, another vampire clan.  One gets a whiff of Bella and goes into attack mode.  Edward of course takes a protective stance along with his family and so the other clan leaves for the moment.
There is a big frenzy to get Bella to safety because Edward could read the other dude’s thoughts which revealed he was a tracker and wouldn’t stop till he had Bella.  Basically it goes on back and forth between Forks and Phoenix.  Bad guy traps Bella, bites her and Edward comes in with his family to save the day.  They kill the bad guy (his girlfriend and the other guy from the clan are still out there) and they save Bella by sucking out the venom from her hand.  She’s safe and still human.
I did get a kick out of descriptions of Phoenix when they were there.  Naming the cross streets and freeways not too far from me.  heh
Bella of course goes on back to a so called normal life with her dad in Forks after the ordeal, but she of course wants Edward to change her so she can be with him forever.  He refuses.  Absolutely refuses to take her life.
All in all I thought the book was pretty good.  Not doing huge back flips over it though but I can see the appeal.  I did like the wit throughout and of course I liked the love story developing in it.  Been a really long while since I read a love story.  I probably favor Edward’s character the most – so far… I mean how many more books to go in the series?
Bonus review
After I finished the book I went out and rented the movie.  It was ok.  I don’t know what I was expecting really.  Even though the movie followed the book for the most part (cutting out some stuff to save time), I found it kind of blah.  I still to this day hate when cinematographers feel the need to use a blue or green filter over the camera lens giving the movie a dark and dreary look.  I hate it.  I hate that after the first Harry Potter movie they felt the need to do that in all the sequels too.  I don’t need a color filter to tell me the mood of the story thank you very much.  I like real life light and color.
The actor who played Edward, beautiful physically for the character yes, but I didn’t care for the guy’s acting.  Somehow I felt he was too wimpy and I don’t know… animated?  Badly rehearsed?  He was better in a small part playing Cedric in Harry Potter.
The one thing I did really like in the movie was their focus on the love story between Bella and Edward.  I loved the scenes where they were in the trees and talking and enjoying each other.  All that ooey gooey stuff and passion.  Love it.  Which reminds me of a point I noticed in both book and movie, they kept it PG love.  At least for now.  I liked that too.  No need to rush things.

One Response to “Twilight Book Review – Part 3 + Bonus”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I believe the author is Mormon and that is why it is “clean”. The books are enjoyable – some different takes on most ideas of vampires – they can go out in the day just not on a sunny day; some end up with a special “skill” or talent.

    I did feel bad for her dad but at least he’s alive.

    My idea of Edward is more along the lines of Milo Ventimiglia (sp?) he was on Gilmore Girls for a while and has more recently been on Heroes.

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