Can We Please Stop With the Race Card?

ThatsRacistIt’s so over.  I’m so sick of people using race as an excuse for everything.  People who continue to do this are the ones that keep this country racially divided!  Yes you!  The ones who call people racist.  This whole thing with the police arresting Obama’s buddy and Obama jumping to his own conclusions is just ridiculous.  I can’t believe a man who is the President of the United States of America said the comments he did without knowing all the facts.  He wasn’t there.  He just saw his friend, who happens to be black, arrested and jumped to conclusions.  Police officers were doing their job no matter if you are black, white, yellow or red.  Whitey gets arrested every damn day in this country and by some officers who happen to be black.  Is that racism? 
Here are some people that work with the officer in question and passionately defend him and wow, they happen to be black.  But I guess others would call them uncle Toms.  But that’s not racist is it?  Pretty interesting towards the end of the video when the lady had some comments about Obama’s comments.  Barry is losing the re-election one vote at a time.
I’m not saying there isn’t racism or that there are not racist jerks out there because there are and most likely always will be.  But the more people point fingers and say “that’s racist” for every damn thing that just happens to involve a black person when race wasn’t even a factor just floors me.  People like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and yes, now Obama are the ones keeping us racially divided.  Whitey liberals are guilty of it too.  They like keeping everyone angry and divided so they can pretend to be on their side and get the votes.  Give me a break.  They also like to use race for their arguments and they fall flat.
Here is a perfect example of that with a white democrat female senator (from California of course) trying to use the race card on a black man and he turns the tables on her.  Basically calls her out about quoting other black groups who don’t agree with him to make her point when color has NOTHING to do with talking about energy.  At least this military vet saw right through that shizz.  Good for him!!!!!!  He was absolutely right!!!!!
I’m also really sick and tired of people labeling Republicans as racist too.  The Bill Maher show was on discussing this whole thing and he went on to say how pretty much all Republicans are racists.  That the only time they notice racism is when they claim “reverse racism.”  What complete bullshit.  I normally refuse to watch that piece of crap show but it happened to come on after something else I watched and thought, ok, let me just see if they have a decent discussion.  After he said that I got disgusted and flipped the channel.  I really wish HBO would cancel that assclown and bring Dennis Miller back.

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