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They have a new version of the bachelor this year.  The people are plus sized.  I like this and not just because I’m a thick chick but because the average American woman is a size 14/16 and NOT a size 2, which is the average size of reality TV women. 
TV, movies, magazines, and all media seem to want to push what THEY think YOU SHOULD think is attractive.  Brainwashing.  The media fails to understand that all people have different tastes and what is attractive to them.  It’s sad too because they do so much brainwashing to people (especially men) that bigger is unattractive to the point of men (and women) should be embarrassed or ashamed to be with someone who isn’t the perfect Ken or Barbie.  
I even heard on a morning radio show one day these “skinny” women calling in and saying that men don’t like “fat chicks.”  Now that may be true for some but after those comments the radio station was flooded with calls from women on the bigger side saying how many men they attract and get attention from.  Some of the callers were also men calling in saying they loved plus sized women.  They liked thick legs, asses and curves.  The men calling in were all different races – white, black, Hispanic, etc.
I’ve actually been on both sides of the scale.  I’ve been the Barbie doll.  I had no problem getting attention from men or having dates.  I have been and now a plus sized girl.  I have had no problem getting attention from men or having dates at this size either.  Here was an interesting article I posted not long ago on the subject and how bigger girls get a lot more action than you think – even MORE than the thin girls.  Do I attract every man at this size?  No.  Did I attract every man as a Barbie Doll size?  No.
I think a lot of people out there would be very, very surprised at just how many men out there like thick women.  When I put out a dating personal ad where I was specific about my size, I was flooded with emails.  On the dating sites I’m a member of, my profiles describe me physically and includes various pictures of myself.  I get lots of emails on those too.  These men all vary in age, race and education.  Some are blue collar workers and others have PhD’s.  Some of these men have athletic builds, average builds and plus sized builds.  It’s all over the map.
I think a lot of these men are not embarrassed and don’t give a rats ass about what “society” thinks is normal and attractive but on the flip side I think there are a lot of men who are in the closet – they love bigger women but don’t really publicize it because of fear of being made fun of because society says that’s not cool.  I’m friends with a guy that I used to work with who confided in me one day that he was really, really attracted to plus sized women but he married the trophy wife.  He told me how unhappy he was in his marriage (and no he wasn’t trying to bed me – he was a good friend confiding in me).  When I asked him why he was married to someone he was unhappy with he told me that his friends and even some family members make fun of fat people and would be embarrassed if they saw him with the type of women he was attracted to.  He also thought that would hinder him in his success.  Having the perfect job and promotions meant also having the perfect looking trophy wife, etc.  Yes that seems ridiculous but it’s probably more true than you think.  It’s sad to me that a man marries what he thinks society deems acceptable and be in a miserable marriage his whole life vs. being truly happy and not caring what others think.
Hey, I get that some people out there don’t dig it.  There are certain physical traits I don’t go for either.  That’s totally fine and totally normal.  Everyone has different tastes and different ideas of what is sexy and attractive.  I am just sick of the media telling us what we should find attractive according to them.  About time we had a show that showcases this.  I missed the first episode but maybe I can catch it online.  I need to tape it for the rest of the season because I really am interested.  All the other bachelor and bachelorette seasons I had NO interest in what so ever. 

8 Responses to “More To Love”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    I tend to be attracted to plus sized women because they have more curvy figures and prime um…. … assets…. if you will. 😀

    Weight though really isn’t the selling factor for me. When I look at a girl I assess whether she has a face that I could love, and I’m usually attracted to those girly girl type women who have that adorably cute, especially effeminate, natural girl next door look.

    Having said that, I have to say looking at some of these plus sized contestants makes me ill. One thing I DON’T go for are the hideous whale mountain man beasts, for lack of a better term. There’s one with this ridiculously ugly ass tattoo that covers her entire left side. FAIL. I do not want some lumbering whale mountain beast of a female who looks like she just stepped out of a biker’s bar to be my snugglie wugglie. I see that and I wonder if these gals even understand how badly they make themselves look when they cast off those crucial elements that would positively accentuate their feminity.

    More women, less man beasts please! 🙂

  2. Cindy Says:

    I was never twiggy, but I don’t believe I was fat. Altho according to The Mominator I was. She apparently went around telling co-workers that I had a weight problem – when I was in high school. I happened to meet someone she worked with (TM & I had gone to lunch) TM came home from work that evening and said that the woman I met didn’t think I had a weight problem. TM laughed – like can you believe she’s so blind…

    So now that I could lose a few pounds – I wonder what she tells people?!

    I probably won’t be thinner until she passes. Because the conversation I predict will happen will involve her saying something along the lines of – well you should have lost the weight YEARS ago…she lost weight once she retired and had the time and energy to take up tennis, golf, etc.

    ‘Course now she only eats 2 round little sausages and a a couple of triscuits for breakfast at 10am. And dinner is eaten at 4pm. And she expects everyone to be on the same schedule as her.

    Maybe I’ll just wait until the Alzheimer’s is full blown and she won’t recognize me… 🙂

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Damn Linc,
    I thought maybe we had a future togehter but I guess I have to scratch that. I have a huge tat covering my entire ass. All 300 lbs of it. lol

    well that’s too bad your mom said those things. Sometimes I don’t think parents really understand how their statements can really effect someone growing up. There are some things that my dad used to always tease me about when I was young too that have always bothered me.

  4. Cindy Says:

    The thing she always used to say was that I was SOOOOO sensitive.

    Then last year I told her something that had always bugged me but I had never said anything. I figure, hey, I’m adult – right?!

    Heh, she comes back later and says that I say things that do hurt her but I apparently don’t care or realize it.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, dude.

    I’ve said before, you gotta have a license to drive; ought to have to have a license to parent. Far more at stake.

    Especially after watching probably every episode of Most Evil on Discovery. Dr. Stone has come up with an Evil scale. 22 being Ted Bundy; like a 2 being me killing Dennis for cheating…He’s researched and has concluded that most serial killers have had some traumatic family situations/upbringing that created their internal monster…hmmm.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…. heh heh LOVE it.

    That’s funny she says YOU are the one who is a meanie. Parents need to be careful because the kids will be the ones taking care of them when they are old and feeble. Or will we? Muhahahahaha. It’s square wheels on your wheelchair beeyach!

  6. Lincoln Says:

    I have a huge tat covering my entire ass. All 300 lbs of it. lol

    Dear God…. O__O *faints*

  7. Cindy Says:

    The Mominator’s WORST fear is being dumped in a home.

    She’d better be nicer to me, my dad and my brother!

    My bro and I have discussed that we would practically be fighting over who Dad would get to live with if she passed. No such fight over her…

  8. Martini Girl Says:

    LOLOL Well actually it’s a smaller tat on my lower back. And my ass isn’t really 300 lbs.

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