More Profile Observations

I just love looking at profiles of men who list their body type as “average” when they are fat.  When you have pictures of yourself with a double chin and a big round shape body and head and twice the width of your buddy standing next to you, you are not average.  Pffft.  At least I’m honest in my profile.
Another random observation on profiles of men – why do you have to have photos of yourself surrounded by 10 chicks?  This is more common than you might think.  Of course it’s usually at some bar or show or beach or Vegas or something of that nature.  A lot of the time it’s clearly the waitresses or the eye candy girls at the expo you attended, etc. or just some random girls at the bar or beach.  Or even if they are friends, does EVERY picture of you have to be a picture of you surrounded by girls?  I don’t get it.  That’s how you want to portray yourself on a dating site “looking for a great girl to take walks with and spending my life with?” 
That’s cool you were with your buddies and having fun and taking pics and all that, but posting those on a dating site where you say you want a LTR?  Uh… that would be like me posting my old photos of me surrounded by the Chippendales with their hands on me.  Or nothing but just pictures of me surrounded by guys at the military base or something.  Yet, I’m a nice girl who is deep and looking for something special.  *rolls eyes*
A guy with “friends” is okay.  It’s obvious in those pictures if the girls are friends because there is usually a mixture of men and women in the pics.  Or the guy will say at the bottom of the pic “Me and my sisters” which those are nice.  But those others… am I supposed to think you are this worldly stud or something and think, “Oh yeah I gotta date this playa!”  Fail.

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