Don't Let The Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out

Sometimes I’ll be having a really good day at work and along comes a real jerk to mess up my day.  I don’t get why people get so huffy and douchey.  Today I only had a four hour shift and at one point it was slammed.  We normally don’t have lines at our location and today, yeah, long ass lines on every register.  Even all the supervisors jumped on the registers.  We couldn’t even relieve anyone for break.  Almost every register was open and we have a crap load of registers at this store.
Now to be honest, I sometimes like it like this because when it’s busy time really flies.  I like keeping busy and trying my best to be super fast and get the lines down. 
So I was jamming and doing my thing when I get this one guy and his two sons.  Well the bag wheel got full, plus I was putting more bags on top of the bag wheel.  Let me just interject something here… those of you who shop at this store, please remove the full bags off of the wheel and put them in your cart.  It is NOT the cashiers job to do this first of all, sometimes we do it as a courtesy or when we have no one on our own line and do it to help another cashier.  It is YOUR responsibility to unload the full bags.  If the wheel gets totally full and you don’t unload the bags, all I can do is stop cashing.  I can’t ring up anymore of your stuff on the belt because there is NOWHERE to put it.  Now, let me go further by saying, sometimes I will ask a manager or another cashier who does not have a customer to please bring me another cart so we can load the bags as the customer is STILL unloading their original cart on the belt.  I even do it for other cashiers.  Sometimes even the customer will run and fetch another cart on their own – thank you to those of you who do this.
Now, because we were so slammed there were no available floating cashiers and no managers/supervisors because they too were all on the registers trying to get down the long lines.  We were slammed, slammed, slammed.
So… I look up at all three of them and ask, “Would one of you like to go and get another cart so we can load up the bags?”  The youngest boy (who looked about 10 or 11) said, “I’ll do it.” and ran off to get one.  About 30 seconds later the man said to me with a tone, “Don’t you have people that work here that can go get a cart??”  I explained to him as nice as I could that normally we do have managers or floating cashiers that I could ask but because we are so busy at the moment everyone is on a register.  It was at that moment he finally looked around and observed the freaking craziness.  Then he said, “Where are your managers?!”  I told him, “They are all on the registers too sir.”  He demanded, “Where??!”  I pointed to one on 6 and one on 14 and one was at the Customer Service desk helping customers there.  He turned his hot head and observed.  Of course still not satisfied he said very snotty, “Well why don’t YOU go and get a cart!”  I apologized and told him I would but that cashiers are not allowed to leave their registers in the middle of a transaction with a customer. 
I couldn’t get why this guy was being an asshole.  I really couldn’t.  I was very puzzled at this.  His tone and facial expressions toward me were hostile and really snotty.  At that point another cashier right next to me had just come on her shift and before she opened her register, I started to ask her to run and get a cart when the kid finally showed up with one and I told her never mind. 
I started quickly loading the cart myself.  Something this guy should have been doing.  (He wasn’t even unloading the stuff on the belt, he had his kids doing all the work).  I then returned to ringing up the rest of his groceries as fast as I could.  He waited till I was getting change from my drawer to announce to me in a shitty tone, “If you EVER tell me to go and get a cart again, I’m calling your manager and I will NEVER shop here again!”  I looked at him with my drawer and mouth open and stunned.  I replied, “I didn’t tell you to go and get a cart, I asked if one of you would LIKE to get another cart so we could load up the bags.”  He then said, “Oh.  Well I just heard ‘go get a cart.'”  I then explained to him as nice as I could (but fucking boiling inside) that normally another cashier or manager would have gotten one but we are incredibly busy and no one is available and we aren’t allowed to leave our register.  I was running out of room and normally I would have used the cart he had, but he was still unloading things from it.  I apologize if it seemed otherwise.  He just looked at me and didn’t say a damn word.  Snatched his change and walked out.
After he left the customer right after him shook her head and said, “I can’t believe he was being like that.  People are so rude.”
I’d say there were only 3 other occasions where I had to ask the customer the same thing and none of them had a problem with it.  They were pretty friendly and saying, “Oh sorry, I guess I need to be unloading these into my cart.”  Or “Sure” and they or their spouse or their kid goes and grabs another cart.  I only ask them when there is absolutely NO ONE available like today.
What a fucking asshole.  I mean LOOK AROUND.  See the gazillions of people in line.  Look at all the lines open.  Observe the cashiers working their asses off trying to ring stuff up fast and furious to get you people through quick and get the lines down.  Watch them cash, AND bag AND load your carts.  Observe the sweat on our faces.  Plus we DON’T HAVE BAGGERS.  If you want our store to hire some, then kiss your low prices good-bye.  Open your ears too.  I would never ever say, “GO GET A CART” to a customer like a demand.  I mean come on!  And go ahead and tell my manager, I don’t give a shit.  They won’t do anything but nod and listen to you waste their time and be nice to your face and then shrug it off as you leave.  End of story.  The manager won’t do anything to me.  I did nothing wrong and pretty much managers know that customers are full of shit and full of themselves.
And do you think I give a crap that you will “never shop here again?”  Puleeze… don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  Good.  The less douche bags like you shopping at the store the better.  And do you really think I take an empty threat like that seriously?  Yeah right you’ll never shop there again, you will be back next week because you are cheapskates.  You won’t want to part with your low prices and convenience. 

4 Responses to “Don't Let The Door Hit Your Ass On The Way Out”

  1. Cindy Says:

    People are jerks.

    I typically grocery shop 7am on saturdays – generally less people therefore, less idiots. If I forget something and realize it later, I do without. I will not go back after it’s gotten so busy.

    I should seriously look into ordering groceries on line. I think it’s $10 for delivery. That would be worth my sanity.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    You know what Cindy,

    when I had a REAL job I actually did the grocery delivery with Safeway and it was AWESOME! It’s so nice to order everything online, set the time and then have the guy bring your groceries in your house. Yes it was $10 the last time I used it but that was two years ago so not sure if it has gone up or not. But man, it was totally worth it sometimes because I hate grocery shopping.

    I remember one time I came down with a bad cold one night coming home late from work, I felt too bad to go and get “sick” stuff so went home, ordered all of it online and by the time I got up the next morning my groceries arrived complete with tissue, NyQuil, cough drops, orange juice, chicken soup and even a vaporizor! Ha. Soooo worth the extra delivery charge.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Damn, that was one long ass run on sentence! lol

  4. Cindy Says:

    I mean I order most other things on the ‘net – especially at Christmas. I avoid the malls from November thru Jan. Cripes.

    I will have to look into it – test it out.

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