Now That's A First

Some chick emailed me on MySpace saying I’d be perfect for her friend.
“Hi I’m XXXX=) Im kinda new to this myspace thing so bear with me=) As I was trying to figue this myspace thing out I kinda stumbled on your page. You are so cute and you would be like perfect for my best friend Evan! Evan has had couple rough breaks when it come to relationships lately, And I told him i could pick girls for him better than he can =) Hes a very goodlooking guy… would you be interested????i have pics and i can answer any questions u have. what do you think??? Hes a lil younger then you, is that ok? i know you like that young meat girl=)”
She knows I like that young meat?  lol Really?  Nothing on my page would give that impression.  I had to laugh at this email.  My first guess was that it was some sort of spam like from those emails you get from time to time from men who always have the “handsome hunk” pictures with long descriptions of how they are looking for someone special.  I looked at her profile and she is here in Phoenix and her profile seems somewhat legit.  I don’t know though, maybe those spammers/con-artists are finally getting better at the game.

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