Kiss Off Maggots

I really don’t know if I am liking this Face Book shizz.  All the people I despise are suddenly popping up and wanting to be “friends.”   Pulleeze.  Go away.  Yes, I know, I can hit the ignore on the invites but still… why are you seeking me out to be my friend?  Seeing your names and mugs only reminds me of something I don’t want to be reminded of.  Not to mention how you people treated me and you want to be friends?  Why? Because you are sooooo into having 500 “friends” show on your page to look all cool and popular or something?  Posers. 
That’s one thing you’ll never see on most of my web pages – I don’t have over 1000 people following me on Twitter or oodles of readers on my blog (like my old one) anymore or you’ll never see 287 friends on my Face Book or MySpace or any of that crap.  I don’t seek out that many people to begin with or do a lot of online socializing to get the followers.  I also don’t need to feel like I’m somebody with tons of followers, fans, friends etc.  I know lots of people and could easily have a list on FB in the high numbers but frankly I don’t want it.  I just don’t feel the need to know what everyone is doing and vice versa and seeing all your stupid quiz results.  I know I can up the stealth settings on searching my page and such but there are certain people I don’t mind finding me and I don’t want to block out that possibility.  Plus a lot of these jerks are finding me on mutual friends pages.  Just because they are friends with me and you see that, doesn’t mean YOU should be too.
One girl that I used to work with found me through a mutual friend of ours that I added.  Suddenly she wants to be my friend too.  Uhhh… yeah I really want to add a person who was a whoring, trouble making, back stabber to me and my former employees to my page.  This girl is nothing but trouble.  I can’t even believe how some of my friends even have her added to their page after the things she did to them.  She almost ended one of their careers and he has her added.  I don’t get it.
Then another total bitch found me through an MCI connection.  She was one of the Training Managers at MCI and was the worst back stabber nut job I have ever come across.  She back stabbed EVERYONE.  She would burn bridges like nobody’s business.  She would flat out tattle on people to the higher ups just to get them in trouble or take over their jobs.  She stepped on anybody and everybody to move up or get her own ass out of hot water.  Yes, I’m so not exaggerating.  At one point she was trying to get into the department I was in (training development) and the hiring manager only saw the sweet fake act she put on, so the manager asked all the employees what they thought about her in our department and a few of them threatened to quit if she was brought on board.  She back stabbed a few of my bosses who were at director level.  And yes she totally was a back stabbing douche bag to me too and threw me under the bus with my superiors.  We even got into it once.  I could go on and on about this nut case.  So now she is sending me a friend invite?  Another woman who is nothing but trouble.  Yeah, NO thank you.  I don’t want you anywhere NEAR me.  No telling what kind of damage you would do, even in cyber land.
Then through another mutual MCI friend an ex boyfriend or maybe I should say an ex-love found me on Face book and added me as a friend.  Many months  ago he found me on LinkedIn and sent me a connection invite and an email.  Ugh.  I ignored those by never responding or connecting.  Now he has found me via Face Book. 
This guy seriously broke my heart.  It took a long, long, LONG ass time to get over him.  The last thing I want is to be connected to him again.  Why?  What for?  So he can rub his pictures of his great new wife and child in my face?  No thank you.  Also says his line of work is Training Manager – just great.  I have to have that in my face too.  Something I worked all of my career in and lost and now see this shit head is one.  I have some very very painful memories with this guy and the last thing I need is to be reminded of him.  Gawd… leave me alone!!!!  Didn’t you get the hint when I didn’t accept you on LinkedIn many months ago?
This is the sort of thing I was worried about when doing a Face Book account with my real name.  I was on the fence about it and kept going back and forth if I should just create a fake account and only seek out certain people and only they would know it was really me.  But then I was thinking of Face Book as a good networking tool for my career so of course it needed to have real and serious info.  And many, many other factors and reasons.  Hell my MySpace account has a fake last name so people won’t find me and so far it has worked.  I have my real pics and info but some weird email and fake last name so people can’t find me in searches.  I don’t advertise my blog or twitter account to a lot of people I know either and that’s on purpose.  I don’t want everyone reading it that knows me.  Only certain people get to see it.  I figured Face Book could be my shiny happy twitter to everyone else.
Now of course since my friend list has branched out, they are all seeing me on their lists and wanting to “friend” me.  Yes, I know, it’s just a silly web application and I shouldn’t be taking it so seriously.  I know this.  But again, why on earth are the people who were very bad to me wanting to be my friends on this thing?  Haven’t had enough or something?  Leave me alone!

7 Responses to “Kiss Off Maggots”

  1. RightGirl Says:

    Well, I seem to find you wherever you go. Not that I stalk you or anything, because it takes me ages to figure out that you were that chick I was following in the LAST place! You’re just awesome, and I am attracted to awesome. You’re stuck with me sister. Make your peace with that! 😉


  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Right Girl,
    You are one of the people I don’t mind finding me and that’s the troof! You are always welcome on any of my pages chicky.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what it is with the whole myspace / facebook thing.

    It does appear it’s some competition for “friends” and not about blogging.

    I’d rather blog. I do miss it. I used to do it from work – OMGosh! Then we got a new director and IT is blocking all kinds of stuff. I even clicked on a news article about a recalled toy and I was blocked. Whiskey tango foxtrot…

    I received an invite to this gal’s page (I don’t remember which) and we hadn’t talked or even emailed in over 2 years. We had had a falling out and I was very confused why she would think to invite me – that I would even care about her life now. Cripes.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    I think you should go back to blogging Cindy. I miss reading it!

    Isn’t that kind of crazy with some of these people reaching out? I was talking to my friend about it and he says sadly I’m right about my hunch in that they want their “friend count” to go up. But he also made another good point of that even if people we didn’t get along with or not like, they are still nosy and want to see what you are doing with your life. Life is always a competition isn’t it? Assholes.

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  6. Chad Says:

    I forget exactly how it works, but you can lock down your facebook profile so tight no one else can even see you’re a member except for people you join to, if that helps.

  7. Martini Girl Says:

    @Chad Yeah I know that option is there. But some people I don’t mind finding me. I’m just going to have to email him back if he does this again and tell him not to contact me anymore. You would think he would have gotten the hint by now. Sheesh!

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