I could swear I blogged about this guy who I spoke with but I can’t find the post anywhere.  Am I losing my mind or something?  I could SWEAR I blogged about him.  Hmmm…  maybe I didn’t.  Ok so I can’t link it.
Anyway my phone rang at 15 after 11pm tonight and I didn’t recognize the number and it had no name.  I figured it was my friend Kelly from work again because I told her earlier to feel free to call me when she got off her shift.  But it was him.  I wouldn’t have answered if I had known.  I don’t know, I’m just really tired and didn’t feel like being all chipper and my girly self to some dude who doesn’t have the sense to call at a more decent hour.  He called me after 11pm last time too.
We talked for a bit but I told him I normally tell people to call no later than 10pm.  I’m too lazy to get into all the details and background on this guy since I thought I had blogged about him already.  Basically he turned me off the first convo with his politics, his swearing and his bullshit artist stories.  I can’t stand people who lie or over embellish things.  I mean he was nice and pretty upbeat and all that but I don’t know. 
On this call he asked me if he could meet me, that I intrigue him and what’s it going to take to meet.  I told him I’d have to talk with him one or two more times on the phone first and to call earlier in the evening or day when I’m more awake and talkative and can focus.  He agreed.  I apologized for not being talkative but that I was seriously tired which was the truth.  I just couldn’t focus on being friendly and regular bubbly chit chat since I’m so wiped out.  At least this time he didn’t bring up politics or bullshit stories.  He was more into asking me questions about myself which is a good sign.
Part of me says, “Quit being so freaking judgmental Martini Girl!  Give the guy a chance.”  But then every time I do that, it’s just not there.  I’m thinking that I just need to go with those instincts and not give people the chance if I don’t feel it from the get-go.  But then I always feel bad if I don’t either, like, you can’t judge someone completely by a few phone calls or dates – people are nervous, etc.  So I don’t freaking know.  *Throws hands in the air and shrugs shoulders*
It’s just very rare to meet someone that you totally click with.  Or even half way click with.  I mean, people are nice and friendly and many other qualities but there has to be that spark.  That thing.  That instant liking or attraction.  The rest of the time it’s pretty stale. 

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